Are lighthouses good travel destinations?

I've visited every lighthouse in North Carolina during my lifetime.

Some of my most cherished memories involve a lighthouse. The summer of 2016, notably my best summer ever, was the summer that presented itself with the opportunity to camp at Cape Lookout with my camp group.

The three days spent there underneath the stars, running around on the seven-mile island with no one else in sight sounds like a typical teenage dream movie.

While visiting the lighthouse itself did not play a factor in the memories made there, it was the landmark of the greatest time of our lives.

The following summer I visited Ocracoke Island's lighthouse with my camp group. This lighthouse was not able to be entered since it is so small, but it still played an important part in our journey as my group stood in admiration in front of it.

In 2018, my family made the great decision that for my graduation gift we could visit three of the lighthouses on the coast: Cape Hatteras, Bodie Island, and Ocracoke. So within a matter of two days, I was able to travel to each one - gaining a stamp in my NC State Park passport book along the way.

The lighthouses are not only beautiful structures that guide boats into shore but special landmarks showing a glimpse into the past. They are also a great place to go for when you want to visit a national or state park and want to do something more than just walk around. So in 2019, I encourage you to visit a lighthouse - sounds corny but it is worthwhile.

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