15 Important Things I've Learned About Dogs Just From Having One For Two Months

15 Important Things I've Learned About Dogs Just From Having One For Two Months

There is no better therapy than seeing the cute face of your little furry friend.

Srinidhi Vangala

July 19, 2019. The day I met my new best friend: Shadow. It has only been 2 months since we got him, but he has given me and my family so much joy. Dogs only live for so long, but they leave a lasting impact on your heart and in your life. They simply are the best pet and friend you could ask for. There are many reasons why dogs are the superior pet, but you also are able to learn so much from them and know about them in such a short amount of time. So here's what I learned.

1. They are always full of energy and happiness.

Even when your dog sometimes drives you crazy, it is always nice to see them because they boost your mood no matter what.

2. They are the best cuddle buddy you could ask for.

No one is a better cuddle buddy then your dog. I mean, come on, they are super soft just from their fur alone.

3. They become your best friend.

You can't really describe it, but somehow they become your favorite. And your relationship with them is super strong.

4. All they want to do is follow you around.

This is probably why they become your best friends. You can go on walks, take them to the park, or even just lie with them, and they are always excited for all of it.

5. They act as protectors.

Some don't always seem like the scariest dogs, but they will always have your best interests at heart and will want to protect you.

6. They are always thrilled that you are home.

We often forget their time here is shorter than ours, and just an hour for us feels longer for them. So even just being gone for a quick lunch leaves them missing you.

7. They want to be introduced to everyone.

Dogs are the most caring and selfless individuals, and that means they want everyone they encounter to be happy.

8. They love to show their affection in so many ways.

Yes, the kisses are kind of gross, but it is always appreciated as it is their way of showing us how much they love us.

9. They provide the best comfort possible.

Dogs seem to have a special sense that lets them feel when we're not doing our best, and then they are quick to comfort us as best as they can.

10. They always think they are welcomed into your lap.

No matter what you are doing or where you are, they think they are always welcome to sit on your lap. But who's complaining?

11. They make you laugh so much.

They always do something funny that you find yourself cracking up at and taking pictures or videos to share the laughs.

12. They make you feel like they know exactly what you are saying, and this makes them into amazing listeners.

I mean they listen to "sit" or "paw", so why wouldn't they be able to hear everything else you say to them? Plus, you're always right when talking to them.

13. Everyone is a little kid in their eyes.

They love babies and toddlers just as much as we do, and they're usually so good being with them, just wanting to play with them, or being by their side.

14. When they are not running around being crazy, they are probably sleeping, which makes for the best pictures.

Who doesn't love a picture of a dog sleeping? They're always so cute!

15. They love you more than you love them.

We are all they have in this life, so they have a special kind of love for us.

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