In collaboration with Sahiti Gellala.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

TRIGGER WARNING: If you are sensitive to suicide, death, and murder, please be aware that these topics are discussed in the following article.

"Bird Box" is a post-apocalyptic film streaming on Netflix that viewers simply cannot get enough of. In the film, Malorie, a pregnant woman, must survive a world where supernatural creatures force people to commit suicide if looked at. The movie has been trending all over social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, with users trying to recreate The Bird Box Challenge, where they spend 24 hours blindfolded similar to the characters in the film.

After watching it last night, however, I had a few questions about the plot of the movie that inspired me to write this article.

1. When Gary proposed that they stay at the supermarket, why didn’t they think of bringing the rest of the survivors back to the supermarket with them and staying there instead of the house?

The supermarket is larger and would have had all the household essentials, plus a supply of food far greater than what they would have been able to carry home. Even though I agree that two trips are riskier than one, once their supply of food was exhausted, they would have to return to the supermarket anyway to get more.

2. After the death of Charlie at the supermarket, why didn’t the rest of the group realize that intruders like Fish Fingers and Gary could be infected and cause them harm? 

Fish Fingers and Gary both begged and pleaded for help, but were actually infected by the creatures and sent to harm the other survivors. The survivors should have listened to Douglass when he said that everyone from the outside brought the harm.

3. When Olympia let Gary in, why did nobody question it but Douglass?

4. Why did nobody trust Douglass when he wanted to throw Gary out?

Gary's story was clearly flawed. His explanation of how he did not have his eyes opened by the mentally insane did not make sense because his companions did not come with him. Moreover, after Fish Fingers, the survivors should have been aware of the fact that the creatures could infect normal people and make them try to convert the others.

5. Moreover, why lock Douglass in the garage, when he has never done harm to anyone, but let Gary, a stranger roam free?

6. Could the creatures not manipulate an infected person to communicate with Malorie and Tom on the radio?

7. If so, why did Malorie trust Rick and travel to the sanctuary knowing that she could be putting herself into the hands of tens of infected creatures?

8. Even if the survivors were uninfected, why would they share their location on radio, knowing full well that other infected people could listen in on them and find them?

9. How do some people see the monsters but others don’t?

Malorie didn't see the monsters even though she was right beside her sister, Jessica, and yet everyone around her was committing suicide.

10.  When the survivors open and close doors of the house or the car, how do the creatures not sneak in?

The protective paint and blindfolds prevent the creatures from infecting those inside, but what about the creatures entering these premises themselves?