Narcos: Mexico

Netflix has some great shows and movies, and I have recently just watched the whole season of "Narcos: Mexico." If you haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend it because aside from the drugs and arms, it shows us some of the important elements we apply in school.

Be a visionary.

Narcos Mexico

Now, what does this mean, Liz? I truly believe that in order to accomplish a goal there has to be an outcome or, in other words, an end goal. "Narcos" gave us the example of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, the main leader of the Guadalajara Cartel. He had a vision to make an empire by unifying all the traffickers of Mexico. In school, we all have different main goals that we try to hit. A very common one would be to get the best grades that we possibly can. A good starting point would be to envision the grades that you want and make sure to put the work in. I'm sure you will hit your goal in no time!

Always believe in yourself. 

Narcos Mexico

As cheesy as this may sound, I think that this is one of the most important elements that is taught in the show. Even though Felix Gallardo started out as someone else's worker, he believed in his idea and eventually became his own boss. In any given situation with academics, I truly believe that it is very important to believe in yourself because it will help you perform at your peak.

Stand up for what you believe in. 

Narcos Mexico

Narcos gave us Kiki Camarena, the undercover DEA agent that really took on this case. Throughout Kiki's journey, he risked his life to uncover the truth and bring justice to the people. While his fate wasn't the fairytale ending that everyone wanted, he never stopped fighting for what was right. I think that an important aspect of being in school is to be able to discover who you are and find your passion. While your passion may not be the same as other's, if you really believe in it it doesn't matter what others say. Stay true to yourself.

Team work makes the dream work.

Narcos Mexico

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo was just one man and in order to execute his plan he needed the help of other influential leaders. The two other main leaders that started the rise of the Guadalajara cartel were Rafa Caro Quintero and Don Neto Fonseca Carrillo. Without the initial help of the team that he built, Felix Gallardo would have taken a significant amount of time to even get his empire started. Depending on our major in school, we typically tend to have to work in groups for group projects. This helps us communicate with others and have many diverse ideas. I personally think that group projects can be effective because it shows different perspectives on how others think and solve problems.

As I mentioned before, if you haven't seen "Narcos: Mexico," I would definitely recommend it. If you have seen it or decide to watch the series, go ahead and see if you can see these elements play out.

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