To the driver laying on their horn behind my tractor,

I hear you, I promise I can hear you loud and clear. I hate to tell you that it won't make me go any faster. It won't make the plot of land I'm heading to get here any quicker and it won't make fields harvest themselves. But I can assure you, myself, and thousands of other farmers across the country do hear you.

With the fall months getting in full swing so is one of the farmers busiest seasons; harvest time. With hundreds of thousands of acres worth of crops needing harvested farmers sometimes have to take to the roadways to move equipment or get from field to field. I'll always be appreciative of the patient drivers who live near me. I know it can be a pain getting stuck behind a wide load that seems to be barely bumping along. If I come to a piece of road where I can pull over farther I'll try to, I'll even look ahead and wave you forward if you can pass me safely.

But sometimes I can't pull any further over and I can't go any faster than I already am. Driving dangerously close behind me or laying on the horn won't change that. I have a job to do and it's one that I take very seriously. I work hard day in and day out to do what I can to put food on everyone's plates, even for the impatient driver who illegally passed me and then flipped me the bird as they went by. In our world so far disconnected from agriculture, it's hard to appreciate those who slave in the field. I'd like to think if one of your only problems is getting stuck behind a piece of farm machinery then you're living a pretty good life.

So to the honking driver behind my tractor; I'm sorry I inconvenienced you. I'm sorry it took you a little bit longer to get where you were going, I'm sure it was important. But I'm not sorry that I inconvenienced you while doing my best to do my part in feeding the whole world, even you. I hope you got where you were going and I hope getting stuck behind me was the biggest problem you faced today.

Oh, and by the way, I turned into the field I was heading too right after you passed me.


The farmer in the tractor in front of you