Impacts of smartphones on student’s life
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Impacts of smartphones on student’s life


Impacts of smartphones on student’s life

The form of technology immensely used, explored, and evolving at the fastest pace is the smartphone. This era of the 21st century has made the technology available in everyone’s hands in the form of mobile phones. Smartphones are now replacing laptops as you can avail any information from them.

Studies show that usage of smartphones among students is increasing at a fast pace. Smartphones have a lot of pros, yet at the same time, it has their cons too. Moreover, the range of smartphones prices has made it available to everyone.

Smartphones are playing a dominant role in the life of students. They are becoming the future of the education department as well. The convenience to gain and explore knowledge has made it a useful tool, but at the same time, the increase of cybercrime and negative use has made it a dangerous tool.

A lot of schools and colleges have banned the use of mobile phones in educational premises owing to its harmful effects. It depends on the positive or negative use of the technology to measure its outcomes.

Positive Impacts:

Smartphones are used positively to make them one of the greatest technologies. Some of the positive impacts of mobile phones on student’s life are described below. The students need to use smartphones for good purposes.

Academic purposes:

Smartphones have made it convenient to access education and information anytime, anywhere. You can learn anything if you have a smartphone with an internet connection. Studying was never that easy until the discovery of smartphones and internet connections.

During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the role of smartphones in online learning shows that it is a useful piece of technology for students if used positively.



Smartphones used for entertainment are one of the highly used means of smartphones. Smartphones are a great source of entertainment and can be used to play games, watch movies or YouTube videos, and dramas.

The use of smartphones for entertainment must be during students' leisure time. There needs to be a balance between physical activities and screen time for the positive use of smartphones for entertainment.

World knowledge:

Smartphones have now enabled their users to get access to the happenings of the world with just one click. Likewise, the spread of knowledge has also been increased. The student’s life revolves around the information of the world and studies. Both can be fulfilled by the positive use of smartphones. Students can also get to know the latest technologies.

Negative Impacts:

Described below are the negative impacts of mobile phones on students' lives, which outnumber the positive impacts in most cases.

Smartphone addiction:

The addiction to smartphones has made it one of the harmful technologies for students. The addiction would not let them study and get involved in physical and extra co-curricular activities. Lack of interest in studies, low grades, and high addiction to playing games is destroying the future of students.


Negative effect on health:

One of the most harmful negative impacts of smartphones is on students' health. The rays coming out of mobile phones are devastating for health. Poor vision, lack of interest, passive mindedness, forgetfulness, wrong posture, back pain are some of the negative effects on health.

The effects of mobile phones on students' behavior are also dismissive. Students are now short-tempered, depressed, lazy, and upset most of the time. Studies show that excessive use of smartphones decreases the release of dopamine which produces the feeling of happiness.

Students now love to be isolated. This is how smartphones are affecting the mental health of students.


The increased incidence of cybercrimes reflects the negative use of smartphones. Students, due to immature minds, get involved in cybercrimes. Moreover, watching inappropriate content diverts their minds and destroys their futures.

The article concludes positive and negative effects of smartphones on students. Parents must keep a check on their children, and teachers need to be aware students of the positive use of smartphones.

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