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We shall overcome COVID-19


The year 2020 is not like any other. It's not a year of a world war, but one in which an invisible entity is waging a global war against humanity. It is a plague called CORONAVIRUS that sickens and kills thousands of people on its path. As the death toll climbs inexorably, people are taking account of ways this pandemic is impacting their lives.

A pandemic is nothing new. In the past, the world has had several types of pandemics, and each comes under a different name and with similar aftermath of a war. Without going too far back chronologically, some of the pandemics that plague human lives include the following: 1918 Pandemic (H1N1 virus)—1957-1958 Pandemic (H2N2 virus)—1968 Pandemic (H3N2 virus) and 2009 H1N1 Pandemic (H1N1pdm09 virus). They occur occasionally, and some are more severe than other

As those pandemics differ in their ravages, what they all have in common is their destruction of a whole way of life and lives altogether. The severe damages they caused are no different from a country being engaged in a brutal war. In the absence of drastic medical planning and strategies, the aim of this CORONAVIRUS would have been the extinction of the entire world population.

In fact, the world is facing a global and costly war in the form of a PANDEMIC. The only difference is that this enemy is invisible and its weapon, the virus, is a projectile that mercilessly kills and kills. So, it is regrettable to say that this CORONAVIRUS will forever scar the world.

On the economic front, it's quite disastrous. The United States as a whole is on a lockdown. Then, a domino effect ensued where businesses shut down and sustain deficits and losses of capital and inventory. Some already contemplate filing for bankruptcy as a way out of this crisis. Also, small businesses are collapsing; the US unemployment rate jumped to 4.4 percent in March 2020 and it is expected to rise in the coming months.

In turn, workers fall into an economic quandary. Some are furloughed; others got laid off. But the pertinent dilemma that those unemployed are trying to cope with is how to make ends meet in terms of putting foods on the table, paying rent and mortgage, etc.

In a time like this, mental distress and fear of the unknown capitalize and hinder the normal course of family lives. For example, a couple who once treasured each other now becomes verbally and physically abusive due to the pressure being built up in a time of idleness and home confinement.

The American society has lost its sense of normalcy; the relaxed culture that people once enjoyed in the United States has disappeared for the time being; societal rules have changed, and people feel trapped in a state of despair and uncertainty.

So, loneliness sets in. It's social distancing, meaning a 6-foot separation between two people. It's fear of the virus-Fear of dying and of the unknown. The reason is clear; it's a balance between life and death. To choose the former would require no socialization and a loss of cultural habit.

For the first time, a Pandemic has created a complete halt in the American way of life. Now everyone must pause and ask oneself: when will there be a cure for this CORONAVIRUS? How do we get out of this crisis? And what will be done in its aftermath?

Yet, the death toll is still rising and no curve is leveled in terms of the number of infections and deaths despite the considerable efforts of the CDC (Center for Disease Control), federal, state and local governments to eradicate this CORONAVIRUS.

What makes the United States strong is its resilience in the face of adversity. America has been tested many times in its existence with various wars, including two world wars and 9/11. This Pandemic is no different; it does wreak havoc.

So, let us all join forces determined and armed with the sword of David (the King) to combat this CORONAVIRUS. We shall overcome the impacts of COVID-19! And we shall overcome some day stronger than ever!

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