Why Odyssey Needs To Remove Article View Numbers

I remember when Odyssey didn't publicly show the number of views an article has. Those were truly the days when my motivation to write was at its peak. It was unfortunate that my articles don't get that many views, but at least that was only known by me.

The update that resulted in this bizarre feature sort of changed things, and not for the better. Most websites don't display the number of views that an article has gotten. To me, it seems irrelevant and makes Odyssey similar to all other social media. The more likes, views, etc., the better. But does the view count actually matter?


It really doesn't. Sure, it's amazing when an article gathers hundreds or even thousands of views, but it's rather humiliating to get literally 4 views on an article and have it just displayed right there. Like, wow, I'm a flop. Thanks for reminding me. Odyssey has become a less enjoyable platform to use because of this single feature. I was able to look past the massive amount of ads placed on articles and how distracting those are, but this new feature really has no purpose. I've talked to many people who also use the platform, and they ALL have agreed that it's unwarranted and not a good addition to Odyssey.

Odyssey simply isn't what it used to be, and I'm not sure I can really get over that. It's hard to make time for something that isn't fun anymore.

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