I'm The Girl Who Goes Home Every Weekend

I'm The Girl Who Goes Home Every Weekend

Going home from college on the weekends is the best of both worlds!

I'm the girl who goes home every weekend. As many would believe this is wasting the college 'experience' and happens to be ridiculous to some people. To me, it is not and it means the world to me that I am able to drive two hours each weekend to be home with my family. These reasons making coming home worth it every weekend and why I do.

My Parents

Being super close to my parents makes it difficult to be away from home. Two hours really is not that far but it is when you do not have your parents close by you. I would not miss hang out with my parents ever. Whether it's just sitting around talking or going on shopping adventures or even just adventures in general. I cherish every moment I have with them and yes I would rather hangout with them than being at college stuck in a dorm room or partying.

My Dog

Who does not miss their pets while being away at college? Going home to a loving and excited dog every weekend is the best feeling ever. My dog is my best friend and I'd be lost without her. Even if it seems cheesy to come home to play with your pet, it really is not. They missed you just as much as you have missed them.

I feel like I miss too much while I'm away at college

Even though I might not miss as much as I feel like I do every week, it still seems like it. Being away just for the week I do not miss much, but what I do miss is being around family and the comfort of my own home.

It is nice to get away from the stress of college

Being at college can be stressful. Your days are filled with classes and sadly when you are not in classes you spend the majority of time working on homework or catching up. Its full days of running Monday though Friday. Being able to come home is like a getaway. When I am home I do not have to worry about anything. I can relax and binge watch as much Netflix as my little heart desires.

Best of Both Worlds

Driving two hours every weekend coming home and two hours driving back may seem like a huge waste of gas for some of you. For me, it is the best of both worlds. I have thought about transferring but I truly love the college I attend. So being able to be there during the week and accomplishing my dreams step by step but also to be able to be at home on the weekends where I would also like to be, makes everything better. It works in my favor.

With that being said before you start sticking your nose in others business as to why they leave campus every weekend take these reasons of mine in consideration. People who usually leave every weekend rather spend time with family or may be some of they have jobs back at home. You never know that person reason so do not start judging them because they are the ones who play for their own college tuition and they have priorities just like you and I. So if you are one who goes home on the weekend, no judgement from me! Do what you feel is right and what you believe in.

Cover Image Credit: Samantha Lynn

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Let's Look At What Echo Has Done So Far

Almost 40 million Americans own a smart speaker now.

When first introduced the Amazon Echo has had a makeover for 2017.

Previously it was a bit taller and had a metal exterior. Now priced at only $99, Amazon have gone and made it all classy. It’s got better speakers and it a little shorter but best of all, it blends in with the decor and comes in a range of different fabric choices, walnut, heather gray, sandstone or charcoal. For a few bucks more it can be finished in a wood veneer called Oak.

There are now 5 models available: Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Show and they all vary in price and slightly in capabilities.

This is my favorite of the Echo range because I like music. Unlike the Dot, this model features a blue tooth speaker. I am beginning to think I may have too many speakers in my house but I don’t really care.

The cool thing about this version is that it does everything the Echo Dot does, except I bought 3 of these and saved $50 off the total and I have them in different rooms. Now I can ask Alexa to ‘play music everywhere.’  I can have all my devices play music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, radio stations and audiobooks as well as use all the other cool features Alexa is known for.

I had some friends over the other day and placed one in the bathroom. I asked Alexa to choose some music for the bathroom. She chose some easy jazz while the rest of the house was still filled with a song I couldn’t remember the name of. Luckily Alexa knew which song I wanted when I asked her “to play the song that goes, “because I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar,” Alexa is definitely a fan of Katy Perry too.


  1. The voice recognition is better than Siri and it can hear what I’m saying over the top of noise and from across the room.
  2. It sounds really good. I’m sure there are better speakers out there but for the price and what it does, it’s impressive.

Not Cool

  1. Could there be a security breach? All the Echo devices are connected to Amazon to work and things it records get stored in the Cloud. Officially Amazon says this won’t happen, but if you’re the type that never puts location services on your phone, this might make you even more paranoid.

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The Allegations Against Aziz Ansari Reflect A Bigger Issue We Need To Talk About

What supposedly happened between this young woman and Aziz Ansari is nothing new

Another day and another male Hollywood figure is having accusations of sexual assault brought against him. Today's culprit: Aziz Ansari, esteemed comedian and recent winner of the Golden Globes award for best actor in a TV series.

In a powerful account, Grace (not her real name), a photographer, describes a date that she went on with Ansari, which she describes as the "worst experience with a man" she's ever had.

Grace's story of her experience is raising a lot of questions, with people trying to decide whether or not it can be characterized as sexual assault, specifically with Ansari's active involvement in the #MeToo and Time's Up movements.

The most terrifying part, though, is that what supposedly happened between Grace and Aziz Ansari is nothing new. Many women have gone through a similar experience in which sexual contact that they weren't comfortable with took place. Many question themselves about whether or not what happened to them was sexual assault, or if their uneasiness is normal.

They are left with the same questions that Grace asked herself, the same questions that the public is asking since she has come forward with her story: Is this sexual assault? Or is this just an example of Aziz Ansari being a jerk? At what point in this sexual encounter did Ansari cross the line?

And was Grace's "no" firm enough or did she beat around the bush too much? Ansari is a feminist; he speaks out against people who do things like this. No way could he be a sexual offender.

All these questions and more are damaging and dismissing of sexual misconduct survivors and their experiences. A victim's narrative is not a political playground for spectators to make a mockery of their pain.

If Grace claims that Ansari assaulted her, I believe her. That's what the #MeToo movement is about. And if he is, in fact, guilty, the due process of the law should be relied on to discover the truth and execute the consequences.

Grace compares the 34-year-old actor to a "horny, rough, entitled 18-year-old " whose persistent pressuring and refusal to listen left her feeling violated, disrespected, and assaulted.

The fact that this sort of behavior is accepted as the norm among young men in high school and college is creating a narrative that is blurring the lines between what qualifies as assault and what is just a bad sexual experience.

If women should expect young men to disregard them every time they say "no" or "not this time" or "I'm not ready" or "slow down" then what kind of message are we sending both young men and women?

We are teaching them that the lines of consensual sex are easy to blur, that "no" means "convince me," and that a woman's safety and security and sense of wellbeing take the backseat to a man's sexual pleasure.

Despite all the progress that is being made throughout the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, we live in a society where men are expected to behave this way and women are expected to put up with it.

Women are taught that sex is supposed to hurt, that men want to have sex all the time, that it's the only thing on their minds. And men are taught that their pleasure is a priority, that they're entitled to an orgasm every single time they engage in sexual behavior, even at the expense of their partner's pleasure, wellbeing, or consent.

These teachings are toxic. They're wrong, sexist, and damaging to both men and women. And situations like these are the consequences: not only on the red carpet, but in the halls of our high schools, the talk of our locker rooms, and the White House of our government.

It's time to let these men know that we see them, we remember them, and their time's up.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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