I'm sorry for not having longer hair.

I'm sorry for not being skinny enough.

I'm sorry I do not wear makeup.

I'm sorry I would rather wear sweatpants and a plain t-shirt than wear leggings.

I'm sorry I do not paint my nails.

I'm sorry I do not play a sport.

I'm sorry for lacking common sense at times.

I'm sorry for stumbling over my words when trying to speak.

I'm sorry my hair is all over the place, I never have time to straighten it.

I'm sorry for not saying hi to you when I pass you, even though you do not even try to say hi to me either.

I'm sorry for wearing the same shoes all the time.

I'm sorry you think my music taste sucks.

I'm sorry for binge-watching tv all the time.

I'm sorry for not trying to create a friendship with you.

I'm sorry for feeling like I do not belong.

I'm sorry I eat a lot, I just love food.

I'm sorry for fangirling over literally everything.

I'm sorry for not speaking up when I should have.

I'm sorry for not being your definition of smart.

I'm sorry I lack the motivation to workout.

I'm sorry I come last on your list of people to hang out with.

I'm sorry I get annoyed easily.

I'm sorry for not dressing to impress.

I'm sorry for being the quiet one of the group.

I'm sorry for not fitting into your party group.

I'm sorry I have glasses, "four eyes" haha.

I'm sorry I do not have clear skin.

But most of all, I'm sorry that society does not think I'm worthy or capable of being a great person because of these flaws.

I have flaws and so does everyone else on this planet. I'm tired of feeling left out because of the flaws I carry with me that happen to not be societies definition of how I should look or be.

BUT, I will not be sorry for being myself. No one should be sorry for that, if they cannot love your flaws, it is their problem. You should not be sorry for anything.

I love being me and your opinion does not matter.