How many of us say, "I'm good!" when someone asks how we are doing? Conversely, how many of our friends say the same when we ask the same question? Sometimes this is exactly how we are doing, but often times it isn't. When we say, "I'm good," but don't truly feel that way we are missing an opportunity to deepen our friendships while lightening our own load of worries. Have you ever felt really honored that a friend decided you were trustworthy enough to handle her or his true concerns? I have. It builds compassion and a history between you and sets you up for a deeper more quality friendship.

Getting beneath the surface is where the good stuff is. It is where the laughter, tears, sadness, and fun are all found. It is where our spirit is. Our soul. God knows our hearts without having to share, but as our Heavenly Father, He wants us to come to Him with our joys and problems. Next time you look in the mirror and say to yourself that you are good, but you aren't quite feeling it, stop and tell God where you are at and to meet you there. He will. Psalm 31:8 says, "I will rejoice and be glad in your mercy, once you have seen my misery, and gotten to know the distress of my soul."

It lightens our load to share our burdens. We have heard this before, but we always need to be reminded. So next time we want to answer with "I am fine," or "I am good," check out the situation. Are you with someone you have trusted in the past? Are you with someone who has confided in you with a trusting heart? Perhaps it is a new friend and you have to take a step of faith that they will guard your heart and keep your secrets.

We walk around desiring deeper friendships, but sometimes we want the other person to take the initiative first. A lot of valuable time can be wasted waiting on someone else. This week, I encourage all of us to find someone to be honest with. Share your joy or your anxiety and see what doors this opens. I think we will all find more meaningful relationships waiting for us there.