Honestly, if there's anything I'm actually good at, it's talking to people. I could quite literally talk to a wall. When I think about my career, all I know for absolute certain is that I will do very well as long as my job description includes interacting with people. Because of this, for the longest time, I considered myself an extrovert. I'm loud, kind of annoying, overbearing at times. All of high school I was labeled an extrovert.

Then, I went to college and I slowly started to realize how hard it is for me to be around people. Keeping up with people is exhausting. I keep up for a little and then run out of stamina and all of a sudden, I'm no longer in the conversation. For a while, I thought this was just a thing I did when I become uninterested. Like an "Oh, obviously I'm not that invested in this so why be an active participant in this convo" type of thing. But as college went on, I started to realize that I kind of prefer not being around people.

This is when I started to think I might be an introvert, but I can pinpoint the exact moment that I knew for a fact that I was an introvert. At the beginning of Spring semester, I got lowkey annoyed with the girls living next door (sweet girls, no shade or tea here). Keep in mind that most freshmen going to a party school as big as SDSU would be out every night doing some shady things, blacking out, throwing up, hooking up, blah blah. And then there's me, wondering why the girls who live next door are blasting music at 10 PM on a Friday night. How dare they interrupt my night in, reading a book? How dare they interrupt my binge-watching session with their obscenely loud music? The nerve they had to do such a terrible thing on a Friday night. To be honest, when this happened, I was actually very upset about it until I realized… it was Friday night, not to mention it was only 10 pm. I was quite possibly one of ten people in my entire building that didn't have plans to hang out with friends. And I was 95% sure that I was the only person in the entire building to be laying in bed at 10 pm.

The kicker is that it wasn't that I had no one to hang out with. It's that I would rather hang out with myself (my god, spending time with myself is the best).

Meeting me, you would never expect that to be the case. I'm still loud and overbearing. Nothing has changed since high school in that sense. The only thing that's changed is how I view myself. I've started to realize that my extroverted-ness has a limit. I'm extroverted for only a period of time before I'm suddenly just not extroverted anymore. Knowing this has changed a lot of how I plan things. Nowadays, I anticipate that I will get over social situations quickly and plan accordingly.

In college, people have been viewing me as more on the introverted side, which quite frankly has been doing me wonders in some ways and been hurting in some other ways. But, it's been important to my personal growth to know how to make both the introvert and extrovert in me happy. I'm still learning exactly how to do that, but I think we might be getting somewhere.