I'm All-In For Old Fashion Love

I'm not going to lie. I'm 20 years old and have a Pinterest board of what I want for my wedding day. I have high expectations of my forever love and what I want in life. But I'm also a 20-year-old who believes in old fashion traditions and will live by them.

Asking for my hand in marriage.

I hope and pray that the man who wants to marry me, asks both of my parents for my hand in marriage. Usually, it is just the father, but it is very important that my mom gives her blessing too.

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue."

It is one of the oldest traditions, but a beautiful one. The blue, if sapphire, is suppose to symbolize the harmony of love...and I want a marriage that will last.

Traditional white dress.

I know that a white dress is not as common now, but I am in love with walking down the aisle in all white to my husband to be.

Not seeing each other before the ceremony.

I don't want my husband to see me before the wedding because I want him to be surprised to see me dolled up. Let's be real, I don't usually dress up now, so who is to say in the next five years I will more often.

Not seeing the dress before the ceremony.

I know this is a superstition and "dumb" to follow, but this tradition is still important just for luck.

No cell phones during the ceremony.

With social media becoming so popular now, I know how hard it is to set down our phones for more than thirty minutes. But during my wedding ceremony, I think it is important that instead of my guests showing they are there, they actually live in the moment with me and my wedding party...the reception is a different story.

A long, beautiful marriage.

Coming from a divorced family, I am a hopeless romantic who is only waiting for the right man. (So, to everyone who keeps asking why I'm not married yet, show me my soulmate.)

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