It is very hard to be positive about this past week.

More specifically? About Donald Trump becoming the United States of America's next President.

Saying it does leave a sour taste in my mouth-- I am not going to lie, but sooner than later I will have to swallow that and get over it, as many other Hillary supporters will have to do. We can pretend that 2020 is closer than it really is and start campaigning for Michelle Obama now, but in actuality, we must accept that Donald Trump will be in the Oval Office for four years-- minimum.

As a nation, we have become so divided and so desperate to find ways to despise the opposite party. We call one another's ideologies corrupt, and we blame one another for the terrible goings-on in the world, and then attempt to convince one another why they are wrong on Facebook.

Maybe this will cause such an uproar that our vicious two party system will break down. So that other perfectly capable candidates can run, i.e. John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, etc., without having to rise about the other 'Republican' or 'Democrat' candidate. There wouldn't be such a crazy divide between our nation, and as a peoples, we would have much more diversity and compromise in our system since the views of politicians are so widespread.

While I am disgusted in this election, we must continue to progress forward and love. Love is what is going to get everyone through these next four years and our whole lives. All minorities might be scared for their lives right now, whether that means your latino, black, gay, transgender, disabled, or Muslim, even if upcoming laws don't show it, we must show them how important they are to us a community. And when I say 'we' I mean the whole nation-- or all those willing and capable-- must continue to accept everyone and continue to love. Laws might change or be overturned, crushing people's lives, but as a peoples, we must not let those simple words affect our well-being.

Okay, now here goes my much-needed rant. I am someone who always holds my tongue and I don't like debating people who don't seem educated on the issues at hand or don't seem like they will change their ways. So, that basically comes down to holding my tongue the majority of the time.

Now, I get the whole economical side of things. Simply put, people don't want more taxes and to pay for other people's things. Personally, I believe otherwise but I understand where people are coming from. This election, however, wasn't about money. Donald Trump can claim to lower taxes for businesses, or for everyone for that matter. But will he actually? And then if he does lower taxes for big businesses aren't we all aware that the trickle-down theory from Reagan's presidency didn't work? I'm sorry, but the economics was just one piece of a giant election jigsaw puzzle. Morals, ethics, people's safety and well-being is a much larger piece of the puzzle.

One of the very first things we saw, as a nation, against Donald Trump when he first started his campaign was him making fun of a disabled person. Technically speaking, I have a disability. I've received disability assistance from the government. Thanks, Mr. Trump, for the love.

Another thing we heard from Donald Trump was the constant badgering and racist comments about Mexicans. "They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems to us. They’re bringing drugs.They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people! But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we’re getting. And it only makes common sense. They’re sending us not the right people. " ( ) This was his exact quote, and I left in the part about his assumption that they are good people. However, why would he need to bring up that they are also rapists and criminals in addition to the 'good part'? I had a Latino boyfriend for over a year, and have met countless Mexicans down in Southern California.

A vote for Trump is also a vote for Mike Pence. He is almost scarier, if not he is scarier than the man himself. He believes in overturning birthright citizenship. I know plenty of Mexicans here that wouldn't be citizens if they didn't have birthright. They are wonderful people. I work with them every day at the restaurant, hang out with them, serve them at work, go to school with them, etc.

On to the next ruthless doing of President-Elect Donald Trump, he doesn't believe in women's equality-- and if he does, well, he sure as hell does not show it.

"Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything," was a statement he made to Billy Bush (who I don't respect anymore, either).

Mr. Trump tried to brush this off saying it was "locker room" talk. Boys will be boys? No. He is about to the President of the United States and he talks disrespectfully about women and their "pussies." In addition, remember what he said about Megyn Kelly?

"You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes," Trump told CNN's Don Lemon that there was "Blood coming out of her wherever," after Kelly had pressed Donald Trump on some of his sexist comments in the past.

Later, he then tweeted (yes, the man himself): "So many 'politically correct' fools in our country. We have to all get back to work and stop wasting time and energy on nonsense!" ( )

No. We are not wasting time being upset about his sexist comments-- this is not nonsense. We must bring light to what is respectful and what is not. In this case, this is extremely disrespectful, referring to her period as a joke, and referring to her as a joke. Trump is creating an example to all of the susceptible people in America. If the President can say it, why can't I?

"Nasty woman" is what our President-Elect called Hillary Clinton, in the middle of a debate. In front of all of America, as they watch the final debate, they also watch Donald Trump take a stab at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's gender.

He didn't weave it in slyly and twist it into a statement he was making, but he straight out said "Such a nasty woman," and that was it. Hillary, being the gracious woman she is, didn't flinch. She continued her rhetoric and that was that. She was a role model to all women in that moment-- don't let the men beat you down, and get you down, but instead to be gracious, strong, and keep fighting. I will keep fighting for my equality as a woman in my daily life, the workplace and wherever else I may be. Simply doing a few internships and walking around a few offices, it is very apparent that the industry I want to work in is extremely male-dominated. It will be an upward climb.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence both believe that climate change is a hoax, a joke, a fat lie. I hope that they can listen to intelligent scientists more during their presidency. I hope that they can read data from scientists and doctors and protect our world. Here comes the typical personable argument: remember your small children and grandchildren's future. I see the smog quite often in Southern California and the lack of water-- our Earth is struggling and needs our help.

Again, his running mate, Pence... He believes that people in the LGBTQ+ community can be converted to homosexuality. Not only does he believe in the conversion, but he believes in government dollars, your precious taxes, going towards it. These people were born as they are, and will not change regardless of what techniques are used. Instead, by trying to 'convert' them to homosexuality, you will increase depression, anxiety, suicide rates, etc. among the community. Respect these people. Respect everyone regardless of their sexuality, gender or race.

I hope that this presidential campaign, and these next four years, will raise some of the most strong, ferocious minorities and women in history. It will cause us all to raise our hands up together, united as one. We will not unite against our country, but we will unite for love. We will unite and fight for every person's rights on this very Earth.

While the outcome of this election may not have been ideal, we must continue upwards and progress as a united nation. We must stand together as we warmly accept, and love every minority group possible. The progression to a better world must go onward, and we don't need a figurehead to do all the work instead it needs to be done by a large group of motivated individuals. The United States of America will continue to accept, love and progress regardless of the bills that are passed.

To everyone, don't stop loving your loved ones because of who is on their ballot, be annoyed, be frustrated, but remember why you love them most of all. Go out and hug your friends, but don't stop fighting the good fight.