Oh, yay. Another white person who is trying to bring attention to why no one likes white people anymore. You got it.

At a time when people of color are backlashing to centuries of hate, prejudice, and racism, the least you can do is let it happen and keep your fucking mouth shut. There is a list I, nor anyone white, will ever begin to brush up on when it comes to the discrimination that people of color face every single day. So I am not here to talk about what they face, I am here to tell you to stop trying to control it. White person to white person, you know what I mean?

First, let’s talk about this strange idea that you have just because you have faced problems economically, financially, and so on that, you do not have white privilege. Just because you did not receive financial aid because your parents make enough to send you off to college, does not mean you are facing any sort of “real” problem. Just because you grew up in a one parent household in the poorest part of your town, does not take away from your white privilege. Because you did not live some luxurious lifestyle that you think comes with being white, does not mean that you do not have white privilege.

White has no negative connotation. Besides the fact that most people who voted for Trump are white, and white people have done more damage to this country than anyone ever will. But that is completely ignored. You know why? Because we are white. White people have forced a silence on every problem white people have started and continued. Drugs? White people. Homicides? White people. Wars? White people. Rape? White people. Crimes? White people. All of which white people blame people of color for continuing or being the source of the problem, when in fact, are problems more so because of white people. White people have caused more damage than anyone else and that is ignoring percentages. The same way that you talk about incarceration rates, homicide rates, crime rates, and so on, and ignore the actual percentages.

White people have so much power over everything that we can choose what to bring to light and what to put on the back burner. People of color do not have that privilege. It is actually such a privilege that history is still being taught in ways that ignore what white people have done to destroy this country. Or, if it is being taught, white people have forced the light to shine the blame on everyone but white people. White people have a funny way of doing that and it is because we can.

As a white person, how easy is it for you to walk somewhere and not worry about whether or not you are going to hear anything racist or discriminatory? Pretty easy, right? Or wait, you might still be holding onto the idea that people can be racist against white people. Sorry, the idea that people of color are racist towards white people is made up by those who want to feel oppression after years of oppressing.

Did we forget the way we feel when a person of color approaches us or walks alongside us at night time? Our immediate reaction is not similar to if it was a white person. Or how the government is in automatic favor of white people? I know your usual argument is food stamps, but the government has spent years of mistreating people of color they would not be able to sleep at night knowing they did not give in some way. But, white people get food stamps too. To which "lazy" is a white person's favorite comeback for that one. But this conversation can go on and on.

My point is to stop what you are doing because you are scared of any race that isn't white. Stop ignoring your white privilege because you want to feel oppression and you want to be able to tell someone of a different race that they are being racist. Out of all the privileges, you are born with as a white person, calling someone racist is not one of them. You will never ever feel what a person of color feels, I promise. Let that shit go.

Oh, and stop referring to each other and your friends as the "n" word. Excuse me for saying that, but it is 2018, let that shit go too.