Positivity Is The Best Mindset To Have, Here's Why

I never truly understood just how many benefits derived from being positive until I started to make it a habit for myself day in and day out. As I mature every year, I learn how important it is for not only myself but for everyone I surround myself with, to act and think positively.

As I start my day, it's as simple as saying "today is going to be a great day." Might I mention, not only do you look more attractive with a smile and good attitude, but people enjoy your company by letting your positivity radiate onto others. I must say, it has undoubtedly changed my life for the better.

Because of this, here's a mere glimpse of eight reasons why you should be positive.

1. Happiness is contagious

I'm sure everyone has been around an individual with the attitude of a rock-star. It's the best to be around someone who's genuinely happy. It makes everyone else around them happy. Don't believe me? Try being around a person with a negative attitude. Notice how the mood dies in the room instantly? It's like that, except pure bliss and happiness.

2. Great for your health

You heard it right, studies have shown that positivity boosts your health. Positivity has so many health benefits. Benefits such as reducing stress and blood pressure, fight depression, and helps cope with hardships. Your attitude also helps strengthen your immunity and even has allegedly been proven for people to live longer. I could keep listing more benefits, but isn't that alone enough reasons to start thinking in a positive direction? It is for me.

3. Makes you feel genuinely good

I don't know about others, but I feel great all the time. I feel my attitude and bright smile light up a room as I walk in. I feel confident and beautiful. I feel like I know what I'm doing. Being positive boosts my energy and makes me feel so good, so why would I not try and stay positive all the time?

4. Things look up and better things start happening

I believe in karma and even putting good energy into the world to get good things in return. When you begin living your life with a positive attitude, good things start happening. You start to appreciate every blessing that comes your way. Even things like having no line in the Starbucks drive-through while grabbing your morning coffee, or maybe finding $10 on the ground. As time passes with living life positivity, great things start happening.

5. Makes you more attractive

No one has ever enjoyed a conversation with someone who only has negative things to say. When a person is positive, they become more attractive. Not only are you happy with yourself, but also happy enough around others which makes any person look amazing.

6. Allows you to be appreciative

If you're genuinely positive, you're happy. When you're happy, you not only learn why certain things make you happy, but also being to appreciate those things. Whether it's your family, friends, neighbor's dog you always see outside, a beautiful road you drive on your commute to work, or even your favorite coffee shop. As you start to learn things that make you happy, your appreciation for these things become more relevant and special to you.

7. Gives you a purpose

When I take a step back and take into consideration how much my attitude affects the people's around me, it gives me a sense of purpose. When I'm in a negative mood, it shows and it takes a toll on other people. By being the beam of light and energy radiating with positivity, it is then picked up and reciprocated through others. Like I mentioned before, positivity is contagious. Be the person with the purpose to make others smile.

8. Motivates you to be better

Positivity is like a high. When you feel and look your best, you feel like you can do anything. When I wake up and I'm feeling good, I feel like I can take on anything. As my day progresses with great conversations, productivity and other activities to boost my mood, I find myself looking for more. I feel motivated and ready to keep going to make the day that much better. Call me crazy, but the feeling is like none other.

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