It seems that with all the wonderful things in life, money still rules most aspects of it. Whether that be schools, careers, lifestyles, politics -- the list goes on and on. I've spent countless time wondering what would happen in this world if money just never came to exist. Some may have a very forceful argument against my thought process, but just bare with me for a second. If money never came to be a thing, there wouldn't be an issue at all. Never would costs of things be a problem, or social classes, or opportunities affected. However, we do live in a world where money does exist, and it will forever be that way. Money will continue to restrict or define the way people live their lives. But, if money wasn't an object, there would be a few things I would do. The following are just some that I can think of off the top of my head, and may be some you can relate to:

1. Open my own bakery.

2. Go to Disney and stay in Cinderella's castle.

3. Drive across the country, stopping wherever/whenever I feel like it.

4. Go to all my favorite artists' concerts.

5. Move to a new destination every five years.

6. Try all the five-star restaurants across the world.

7. Own a ranch with a lot of animals.

8. Hire a personal chef.

9. Have a personal stylist.

10. Attend fashion week.

11. Travel the word.