When you find someone who makes your soul feel spiritually complete, you know that is your person. There is no thinking about it. There's no maybe about it, you just know. This isn't the feeling of butterflies fluttering or your heart racing, no, this feeling is different. This feeling is safety, it's pure, it's what makes you able to sleep at night. You feel a connection with this person that can't be altered, replaced, or found in anyone else. You see them, they're yours, not physically, mentally, emotionally, but they still belong to you in some way. Hundreds of years of the study of the brain and psychologists still can't explain the chemical releases in our brains that tell us that we "love" someone. You can try to run away from it, pretend it doesn't exist, try to move on, try to replace it. If you're being true to yourself, though, and what you know inside of you, all you want is to make this work. Even if it's "making it work" for the 13th time in the last three years.

These past 6 months have been the emptiest I've ever felt. Everyone has their ways of dealing with breakups. We all cope differently. Some of us drink ourselves to the point that we're calling the person we love at 3 a.m. just to hear their voice say "hello" one more time. Some of us try to replace those feelings and implant them in someone else until they realize that those replacements do nothing but make the real love stronger. Some of us write stories about sadness, poems about depression, post emotional quotes on our social media, share countless "I still love you, please come back to me" articles. Some of us cry. Some of us go numb. Some of us give up. A special some of us take on way too many jobs and tasks to fill their days to the point that we only feel "business" instead of sadness.

We all cope in levels and stages, but what we can't cope with is the feeling of nothing. Once you feel nothing, once you're dead inside, once you can't make yourself pretend you're OK anymore, that's the point that something needs to change.

I always try to say that if something is broken, we don't just throw it away and replace it with something newer and nicer, we fix it. Is that really the case though? Do we do that anymore? Back in my grandparents' day they used to say "you made your bed, now you have to sleep in it". But, in 2016, I feel that we are so used to having an excessive amount of things that just replacing something is no big deal. I have news for you, this doesn't work for love.