Ben and Jerry's is a classic favorite ice cream chain that is loved by all. They have tons of yummy flavors to choose from that are all incredibly different, yet delicious. This is just like college. College is filled with hundreds of different majors, yet they all offer incredible opportunities. Because of this comparison, I was curious to think about which ice cream flavors could describe different college majors. Here are 10 college majors and 10 Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavors that I felt perfectly described each other.

1. Business

Business majors are essential to life after college. This is a difficult major, yet it can be considered one of the more opportunity filled careers. But with their typical suits and briefcases, they are always needing to be serious and plain, like vanilla.

2. Nursing

This classic flavor is practically loved by all. It's actually rated as the number 1 Ben and Jerry's flavor of the year. Everyone loves and needs nurses, just like everyone loves and needs half baked Ben and Jerry's.

3. Psychology

Not only does the name of this delicious ice cream flavor make sense for psychology, chocolate is also known to help fix any problem. Something that psychology is known for.

4. Engineering

With engineering being one of the most difficult majors out there, this ice cream flavor perfectly describes engineers and all of their hard work.

5. Education

This flavor describes the education majors because these are the people who are trying to change the lives of kids, teens and young adults. These people are the role models for the next generation. Education majors are the cherry on top!

6. Communication

If ice cream could talk, Chunky Monkey would be hard to keep quiet. This ice cream flavor is chopped full of yummy, yet funky flavors. It's bold and confident, just like communication majors need to be.

7. Biology

Another tough major out there where an ice cream flavor like this is needed in order for them to survive college.

8. Criminal Justice

The best part of this ice cream flavor comes from the core. Criminal justice majors also have to search for the core in order to solve mysteries. This ice cream flavor perfectly describes the work of criminal justice majors.

9. The Arts

This ice cream flavor is full of bold and enjoyable flavors. People in the arts field need to be bold while also providing an enjoyable experience in whatever art field they're in. Also, the fact that this ice cream flavor is sponsored by Jimmy Fallon says it all.

10. Computer science

This ice cream flavor is just simply delicious. However, a computer science major would look at it differently than just a yummy dessert. A computer science major would probably analyze everything about this flavor. Run it through programs and computer diagnoses. How much fudge is in the super fudge chunk? A computer science major would probably be able to tell you.