In the time that I have been single, I have talked to a lot of guys who have made every excuse in the book as to why they aren't ready to date me. "I just got out of a relationship." "I'm just not myself." "I have a lot going on right now." The list goes on and on. I have heard the same thing over and over again, "I don't want to date you right now, but please don't move on because I'll be ready eventually."

And I'm here to say that I'm just about over it. I'm over the waiting and the second guessing. I'm over the what if's. These guys will talk to me for months and months and I hold on to the "maybe some day". But that day never comes. He'll never be ready, and right when I put my foot down, low and behold, he'll be moved on (and maybe even dating a new girl) before I can even say see you later.

So if he's not ready, he's not worth it. Because chances are, he's never going to be ready for you. Unfortunately that's just how it goes. If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. There wouldn't be any excuse big enough to keep him from you. Because haven't you ever heard that if a man wants something, he's going to do anything in his power to get it?

Don't wait around for a "maybe some day", because you are worth more than that. You're worth more than the "please stick around and do everything like you would if we were dating and oh you're not allowed to talk to any guys but don't think that I'm going to stop talking to other girls and I say I'm going to date you but actually probably not, you just don't know that yet". He's not worth it. If you have to wait around for a man to make up his mind about whether or not he wants to date you, he's not worth your time.

There's a guy out there that's probably way nicer, way better looking, and READY to be with you. There's a guy out there that's ready to show you off to his friends, to make an effort, to give you all the love you deserve, and to actually call you his own.

Don't wait around for the guy who can't make up his mind about you. He's probably just leading you on, reaping all of the benefits, and unfortunately will let you go when he's found something new and is done with what you have to offer.

If he's not ready, he's not worth it because even when he did become ready, he probably still has some major baggage that you shouldn't be responsible to take on. Why do that to yourself? Why stick around to try to help a man who doesn't even want to define your relationship? What are you getting out of this? An occasional "you're so beautiful" and a mediocre cuddle session every two weeks? That's not worth it.

So stop wasting your energy, your time, and your love on a boy who can't give you everything you're needing. YOU are worth the wait. Stay single, do your own thing, and stop wasting your energy with a man who isn't ready. Your heart is more valuable than that. You deserve a lot more than what he could ever give you.

He probably has good intentions, and maybe he doesn't even want to hurt you, but you're worth more. I bet you're tired, I bet you're sick of hearing "just be patient". So stop fighting for something that doesn't want to fight for you. Stop trying so hard for a man that doesn't give a damn about you.

You are worth more than "I'm just not ready right now". Don't ever forget that.