If Disney Princesses Were Your Friends
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If Disney Princesses Were Your Friends

What each princess brings to your unique friend group.

If Disney Princesses Were Your Friends

We've all dreamed of being a princess and we can thank Disney for that. However, have you ever thought about who Disney's princesses would be if they were in your friend group? Each princess has their own unique personality, just like how each and every one of your friends has their own individual characteristics that make them the great people they are. The following list covers only a handful of the Disney princesses, but let's be real, all of the princesses would be great additions to any friend group!

1. Pocahontas

Okay, while Pocahontas may not technically be a princess, she'd still be the best hippie friend you'll ever have. I mean, honestly, who else could pull off a suede dress and flash tattoos so flawlessly? Down to earth and totally artsy, she'll teach you how to paint with all the colors of the wind while keeping your cool in front of cute blondes with blue eyes (Captain John Smith, anyone?).

2. Rapunzel

We all have that goofy friend that can't even walk in a straight line without tripping over her own feet, and there's no question that Rapunzel would be that friend. Always sweet and silly, you can certainly count on her for a laugh. Plus, she gives great advice. From hair styles to love life, she's full of helpful information.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine is the definition of a sass master. From her side eyes to her quick remarks, she's the kind of friend who always has a smart retort for when her friends are being just plain dumb. But most importantly, she's the friend you go to when someone is bothering you because she's not afraid to put someone in their rightful place. In the end, she's a sweet and sassy girl who will always be there for you.

4. Merida

Looking for an adventure? Merida is the friend to go to. A lover of nature and all types of sports and activities, she'll never let you sit still and be bored. She's the fearless friend, willing to fight bears and shoot a couple arrows if it means being able to see the sunrise in the morning. She'll remind you to be strong and power through tough situations because she knows in the end, everything will work out.

5. Tiana

As the workhorse of the friend group, you may not see Tiana that often, but you know she'll always be there for you. She helps you remember that the balance between friends, family, love and work is super important and that you should never forget how beautiful you are, inside and out.

6. Snow White

Snow White is the person you see hanging out with the dog at a party. She's also probably the one you hear humming the latest chart-topper. A lover of animals and music, Snow White can always brighten your day with her sweet songs and cuddly friends.

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