If Pizza Toppings Were Allowed To Declare College Majors

Everyone loves pizza, especially us college kids. It's yummy, greasy, decently priced and is the ultimate late night snack or breakfast in the morning.

Just like college majors, pizza has an endless list of choices and toppings. Create your pizza to your liking, just like you do your college experience and schedule. If you're reading this, you've probably caught onto my pattern by now, pizza and college go hand in hand.

If college majors were pizza toppings, there would be some interesting explanations behind the correlations.

1. Psychology Majors - Onions

Comparing to psychology to onions seems a little weird, but when you think about it, they're actually kinda similar. See, just like onions, psychology has layers. Part of the job is peeling everyone's layers back, like an onion.

2. Public Relations - Pepperoni

Public relations deals a lot of intense stuff on a daily basis. It sometimes might even add a little flavor to your life, just like pepperoni does for your pizza.

3. Early Childhood Education - Cheese

The simple explanation to this one is: children love cheese pizza.

4. Accounting - Pineapple

I personally like pineapple on a pizza, and by itself. However, millennials protest against this movement of pineapple on pizza. So you either love it or you hate it, which is similar to those mixed emotions accounting majors feel.

5. English/Journalism- Hawaiian (Ham and Pineapple)

This duo on top of a pizza doesn't sound appetizing to a lot of people, but neither does an English or journalism major. When you tell people that you're either of these majors, they'll look at you like you're crazy and wonder how in the world you can enjoy studying such as these. Comparable to Hawaiian pizza, being an English/journalism major. everyone will tell you-you're terrible for enjoying it but you still love it anyways!

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