Every major has their stereotype, but what if every major had their Hurts Donut? I have picked 10 college majors and dubbed each with their own personal donut that best fits the major as a whole. It might be hard to determine which major is best, but maybe it'll be easier to choose which donut is best.

1. Advertising - Cosmic Brownie

Advertising majors are always inventing new ideas that are creative and guaranteed to grab a consumer's attention. Like this donut, their ideas are out of this world.

2. Broadcast Journalist - E.T.

E.T. phone home! Just like poor E.T. stranded on earth, most broadcast journalism majors find themselves stranded in the newsroom. They spend long hours writing their stories and editing their videos before going live on air later that day.

3. Business - English Gentleman

The smooth talkers. The fancy dressers. The future CEOs of this world. They work hard and play hard. Business majors are either overachievers or slackers, but one thing they all have in common: they dress to impress.

4. Engineering - White and Nerdy

Everyone knows that engineering majors are nerdy, but these engineers aren't your typical nerds. These nerds not only know math, but they bring math to life by building super cool things. I shouldn't even have to explain why this donut best fits an engineering major.

5. Computer Science - Cotton Candy

If a computer science major isn't playing video games, they're either typing out a confusing code that nobody but they can understand, or they're making their own video game. This donut looks like it came from a virtual reality, which is why it is the perfect donut for computer science majors.

6. Theatre - S'mores

I hope you want s'more because theatre majors are always extra. Where there's one s'more you can bet there are many others. Theatre majors hang out in packs. You'll know when you see a group of theatre majors if you hear belting of songs, people talking over each other and changes of accents.

7. Education - Fruity Pebbles

The most colorful major of all. These future educators of the world live and breathe construction paper, colored markers, paints and more. In fact, their class projects look a lot like this donut.

8. Dance - Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes are always so fancy. Dance majors spend day in and day out perfecting every technique. Nobody sees the hard work that goes into a Birthday Cake, only that it looks flawless... much like a dance major.

9. Pre-Med - Maple Bacon

Pre-Med majors (if successful) will bring home the bacon someday, and that is the sole reason they are the Maple Bacon donut.

10. German - Bavarian

Need I say more?