Cupcakes are bites of pure, sugary joy, but what flavor would represent each college major? Let's find out with these 8 majors.

1. Business - Chocolate

Serious and to the point, business majors would definitely be classified as a chocolate cupcake. Business majors get down to middle of things, working as CEOs and running the show: chocolate cupcakes are basically the most popular.

2. Biology- Carrot Cake

Carrots grow from the earth, and bio majors study anything from the plant growth, to the composition of the Earth, to the atmosphere, which makes carrot cake the perfect cupcake for biology. Bio majors work hard, so a dose of carrot cake sweetness is needed.

3. Nursing- Lemon

Nursing involves hospitals, and hospitals involve cleanliness, and cleanliness involves what else? The smell of lemon cleaning products. Lemon cupcakes are also sweet as well, so it would make sense because nurses are there to sweeten up your day!

4. Education- Peanut Butter and Jelly

Sweet and overall a childhood favorite, PB&J cupcakes are the perfect fit for an education major. Spending four years of college to learn how to teach children can be tough, but sugar can make it all better (for kids as well)!

5. History- Red Velvet

The past is rich with everything from wars, crimes, successes, failures, and development. This makes red velvet the perfect cupcake for history majors due to its sweet, creamy, richness.

6. Psychology- Lavender

Psychologists study what goes on inside the brain, and for college students, it is all completely stress. Here's where lavender comes in, to give students that nice stress relief scent.

7. Theater- Funfetti

Theater is filled with drama and excitement, therefore dubbing funfetti as the official theater cupcake.

8. Geography- S'mores

Geography is the study of the land and its features, so it only makes sense that s'mores would fit this description. Campfires are outside, and s'mores are made over campfires, so why not?

8. Culinary- Strawberry

Chefs are experts at whipping up delicious, magical, sweet treats, and strawberries are one of the sweetest fruits out there.