On March 24th, thousands of people made their ways out to the streets to show support for a cause they believed in AKA March For Our Lives. If you haven't read the papers recently, or even opened up any social media, on February 14th, there was a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 people were killed and many more left injured. The students who lived through this tragedy fought back and started demanding stricter gun control laws and the rest of world began to rally behind them.

These are the most recent events, however, back in 2013 the Black Lives Matter movement began. People around the world demanded action for unjust killings of their black brothers and sisters. In protest, others fought back with the phrase "All Lives Matter." While they are not wrong and that all lives do matter, it was not the worry in the moment. White men and women were not being killed on the street for absolutely no reason just because they are white. However, that's exactly what is happening with black men and women. So in the moment, the phrase "All Lives Matter" didn't matter.

Now that we are fighting for ALL lives, Republicans are nowhere to be seen. Now I know that there are a few out there who do believe gun laws need to be stricter and were out in the streets. But they can't speak for the rest of Republicans. Fact is, there have been 18 too many shootings in the few (3) months of 2018. This shouldn't even be an issue. None of this should be happening. We do not need teenagers leading a revolution to fix the mistakes of old Republicans in office who care more about money.

Come out from hiding, Republicans. We are here to fight until reform is made. We are sick of our own being murdered in schools. A place where our children should feel safe. The only thing they should be worried about are the grades they'll get on their next exam, not which one of them is going to be next. They should be worried about the essays they need to write by 3rd period, not the eulogies that need to be written by Saturday for a total of 17 friends. When that kid said they would rather die than go to math class, it was a hyperbole! They didn't really mean it!

Next time that you want to say All Lives Matter, I don't want to see the posts you've shared on Facebook complaining about your guns being "taken away." We are not here to take your guns away. Your precious amendment will stay intact, but it can be modified. The answer is not more guns. As a future educator, I don't want to have a gun in my classroom. I am training to be a music teacher. Not a sharpshooter.

Yes, black lives matter and yes, all lives matter. Pick your fight. All Lives Matter is a protest against Black Lives Matter and you can't tell me otherwise.