If All Lives Matter

In the first week of July, several videos have filled the internet of black men being shot by Cops. Informed people know very well that this is not the first time this is happening. The killings of black men dates back to the 1700’s and like then society still finds a way to justify their deaths. I could list out all the oblivious reasons and state why they are oblivious but it would be a waste of effort. Because the same issues we are fighting and debating now is the one we have been fighting for the past years. Dare I say, since slavery! Call it, “the return of the battle between the law and a black man.”

Looking at how this issue has escalated within the past three days from Alton Sterling’s shooting to Phillando’s and the cops in Dallas, it is clear that all of these could have been avoided. The solution I propose is a simple question of: If all lives matter

If all lives matter, the first death would be proof enough of the problem with the Justice System

If all lives matter, no one would have to feel like their existence is a threat

If all lives matter, no one will feel like their grief, voice and cries are being shunned or are not being heard

If all lives matter, the innocent civilian's death is just as sad and painful as the death of the innocent Cop's

If all lives matter, corrupt police brutality would have long been addressed

If all lives matter, a black woman would not have to fight high blood pressure every time her black son or husband walks out the house.

If all lives matter, it would never have gotten to the extent of taking down innocent cops

If all lives matter, a man who hates any skin color would not wear the uniform.

If all lives matter, there would be less caskets

If all lives matter, a black man has the same rights as a white man to bear arms

If all lives matter, no one would be murdered unjustly by the representatives of the law in cold blood

If all lives matter, there would not be so much piled up frustration, hurt and anger

If all lives matter, no one would feel like their lives do not matter

If all live matters none of this would be happening but it is and that should say enough about just how much not all lives matter . . .

Yes, we have the hash tag (#BlackLivesMatter), because it’s the only way to inform the world that the term “All lives matter” is leaving a lot of people out. The uninformed part of the world is threatened by that hash tag (#BlackLivesMatter), you see it as a weapon, yet it did not prevent Treyvon Martins, it did not prevent Tamir Rice death, it did not prevent Michael Browns death . . . neither was it weapon enough to give any of them Justice.

To all the lives that have been lost these past few days, rest in peace.

To Informed blacks all over the world, stay strong and do not let your cries and voice be tamed.
To the good cops, we need you to speak up now more than ever, we still believe in you.
To the entire universe good or bad, corrupt or honorable, informed or un-informed #BlackLivesMatter is going nowhere until All Lives Truly Matter.

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