Lately, it seems that we live in a world that is torn apart. People are divided based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and about a million other things that make them who they are. There is constant conversation about acceptance and equality and the need for change. Something must be done to change the way that people are treated. Discrimination, ignorance and hatred must come to an end. Despite the voices of activists, it feels like change and love are slow to come.

This is because people need to experience a shift in mentality. As humans, it is natural for us to be made uncomfortable by and even fear things that are different than us. It is the very reason that we fear the unknown — we are creatures of comfort that like things to stay how we know and understand them. All too often this mentality is used in the way that people view other humans. People look at a specific group or individual and they see everything that is different from them. They feel scared by the aspects of a culture or background that they do not understand and they build a wall between themselves and "different" people. The problem with this mentality is that it creates isolation, hatred and most importantly ignorance.

When people are identified only by their differences, the complexity of the person is ignored. They are narrowed down into one tiny point of the dynamic human that they are. They are stripped of their experiences, likes, dislikes and other qualities and seen as only one thing. Overarching all of this, they are stripped of their humanity. When people choose to identify against others, they ignore the fact that in our hearts, we are all the same. Despite our minute differences, we are all people who want to feel loved and respected.

This mentality must be changed it want to create a world that is loving and equal. Instead of identifying against other people, society must start identifying with one another. We all have our humanity in common, and on top of that, many other things. If people begin to recognize what they have in common with other people, they will truly see that their differences are not threatening or intimidating, but interesting and inspiring. They will see that what sets us apart is just as worth of being celebrated as the attributes that bring us together.