Below are ten activities you could do to try to minimize (or completely derail) your boredom. This is not a perfect list, but I find it funny and maybe this list can help cure you of your boredom.

1. Call a grandparent

I swear nothing is better than calling a grandparent when you are bored. Usually, they are hard of hearing, have a lot of love to give you, and have endless topics to talk about.

2. Research the takeover of Hawaii

I know this is probably not what you expected. I think it is super interesting to look into the history of America from the viewpoint of the indigenous communities in our country (let's face it) steam-rolled over. Poor Hawaii - it had a really cool Queen.

3. Go to the mall food court and people watch

My brother, my friends, and I always had fun doing this. We would usually guess what people were up to, who they loved, what foods they despised, and what they were looking for in the mall. The most entertaining part was guessing why they were in the mall. My brother was the best at making stories up. He could be a really good comedian if he wanted to be.

4. Watch some famous Vine compilations

I can't suggest any, but I've heard watching them are amazing. I got Vine two months before it fizzled out. R.I.P. Vine. But I've heard nothing but praise from my younger sorority sisters about their favorite Vines.

5. Buy a book - then read it

Have you ever just gone to the bookstore, found a book that caught your eye, bought it, then read it? It's good to read by the pool, at the library, a coffee shop, a bench in the middle of the park... basically anywhere you want to escape into a story or someone else's world. Some might say it's bad to escape, but sometimes a good book helps you change your perspective on the world more positively.

6. Tell someone five reasons why you love him/her

You can never go wrong with this one. It's simply a sweet thing to do, especially when you know someone else has been going through a rough time and needs a pep talk.

7. Watch a documentary

A lot of these suggestions deal with watching other stories, making them up (like people watching at the mall), and more. But there is nothing more attractive than someone who wants to learn something new. Be that attractive person, kick back, and watch a documentary. Then you can take what you learned and spruce up your conversations with that information.

8. Find the best Chinese restaurant in town and EAT a meal there

Every town has one, so find it, and get there. And additionally, I LOVE RICE, and I appreciate how Chinese food incorporates it into almost every meal. God bless them. If you're feeling super adventurous, take a whole group of people there with you.

9. Organize a dinner and movie night with friends

Again, you might see a trend. I like movies and stories, but hanging out with real-life humans is so important. Book characters and the strangers in the mall do not count, sorry not sorry (*cue my pinky face). So treat your friends to a fun night.

10. Change your perspective of boredom

Boredom isn't always bad. We just consider it is bad because we are afraid of the silence that usually accompanies boredom. Silence is a really important part of human life. Think about it, we spent so many years unable to say more than "Momma" or "Dadda" or "No." I'm talking about our pre-talking years. Maybe we were okay with silence and boredom then because we trusted that silence wouldn't be so bad because we knew we were 1) loved and 2) absolutely adorable.

Guess what?

Nothing about being loved and adorable has changed, my dear friends, except we have forgotten the power of just sitting and soaking up the peace silence can bring.

Also, the funniest stories come up when you are bored and trying not to be.

Also, here is my advance apology if none of these ideas work to cure your boredom. But I really hope they do. Good luck!