As most have seen by now, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did not acknowledge each other at George H. W. Bush's funeral. I can't tell you how many times I saw or heard someone say that Hillary had "no class" for this move. Let's talk about how ridiculous and sexist that is.

Take a moment to remember that while Hillary didn't shake Trump's hand or make eye contact with him, he didn't make any attempt to acknowledge her either. Trump supporters consider that a classy move on his part, but for some reason, Hillary isn't held in the same regard. That's sexist because some people believe women should only be tolerated if they are nice to look at. Since Hillary didn't smile at the man who has harassed her every day for three years, she's being attacked.

If someone spent the last three years criminalizing my character, I wouldn't shake his hand either. If someone held rallies that called for my imprisonment, I wouldn't shake his hand either. If someone based an entire platform around something that I supposedly did, and then turned around and did that exact same thing, I wouldn't shake his hand either. If someone separated families, put children in cages, and used tear gas on people who were trying to enter the country legally, I wouldn't shake his hand either. If I met someone that was a rapist, a racist, homophobic, sexist, and all around evil, I wouldn't shake his hand either.

I'd also like to point out that Barack Obama ("the Muslim"), knew all of the words to the Apostle's Creed, while Trump ("the Evangelical hero"), didn't know them, and didn't even bother to read them.