Never in a million years did I ever think I would be the desperate person who calls a radio station all day long. My decision to call over 70 times a day to a huge New York City radio station seemed bizarre but it led me to one of the most amazing nights of my life.

I was listening to Z100 in early August and heard a commercial about a Summer Bash that would be held in NYC. At first, I paid no attention to it but the lineup included former One Direction member Liam Payne and up and coming music duo Social House. I adored Liam Payne and Social House seemed like a really cool opening act. Since Payne is currently not on tour, I thought this would be a cool way to get to see him perform live and solo.

I called occasionally. Basically, every time I was in the car, I would dial the number. I had little to no hope of winning since I've tried these radio contests in the past. I would get a little disappointed whenever I heard someone else's voice on the radio. I told myself to not give up, even though this event wasn't a priority of mine. I just wanted to give it a shot and see if I could win.

The Sunday before the event (the event was held August 22, 2018), I was about to leave to go to the mall with a friend. I decided that, before I leave, I should call in and use 2 phones to see if I could win. Next thing I know, I heard radio personality Mo' Bounce answer of the phones. I was starstruck and stuttered asking "Hi, I'm calling for the Summer Bash tickets." He congratulated me and I felt like I couldn't breathe.

The feeling I got was indescribable. I almost cried on the phone. He put on hold and I had to tell him some contact information. He laughed at my email address since it was One Direction related. It was kind of embarrassing but I was too excited to even care.

Finally, it was Wednesday. I met up with my friend and we drove to Pier 17 in NYC. The venue was stunning and the view of the Brooklyn Bridge was breathtaking. I definitely recommend going there. The event started at 6 but I got there at around 4:50.

After waiting in line for quite a while, we entered the venue. It was a rooftop concert so we were surrounded by the city skyline. There was a DJ that got the crowd pumped. He even played some One Direction songs and solo 1D songs. Everyone went insane (including myself). Joe Gatto from the show Impractical Jokers was there. I managed to get into a selfie he was taking with the crowd. That moment was honestly such a life goal.

Social House came on and they were great. They definitely know how to keep a crowd entertained. But I was mainly there for Liam. At around 8, Liam finally came on. His setlist was very short but he really knows how to put on a show. His vocals were on point and I had such a good view. It was such an amazing time. I'll truly never forget this experience.

Shoutout to Z100 (specifically Mo' Bounce) for allowing me to attend the event. I had a great time.

Overall, I learned that I shouldn't give up something that I want because even though the chances may be low, at least I can say that a gave it a chance.