I Researched the Democratic Candidates So You Don't Have To

I Researched the Democratic Candidates So You Don't Have To

Here's a simple guide to make sure you have no excuse not to vote.

I Researched the Democratic Candidates So You Don't Have To

As a politics-fanatic, I understand that the field can be super confusing. When it comes time to choose who to vote for, it's often complicated if you're not following the debates. Who represents your interests? Who will fix the country? If you're a Democrat, you're probably worried about the big question: who can defeat current President Trump?

Many people think it'll be easier to just abstain from voting in the first place. However, as a citizen of the United States, voting is one of the most powerful ways to make your voice heard. Although it's clear that, with gerrymandering and voter suppression, not everyone's opinion is valued, it's important to at least be educated on the candidates so you can vote wisely when it's your turn.

Currently, there are eleven Democrats running for president in 2020. However, only seven out of these eleven participated in the recent debate in New Hampshire. One out of these seven will most likely be selected as the Democratic candidate and face Donald Trump in November.

1. Joe Biden


Joe Biden is the former Vice President of the United States, serving under the Obama administration. He is typically considered a moderate Democrat, favoring protections for low-income workers but opposing Medicare for All. He voted for the war Iraq war and plans on keeping troops deployed. Overall, Biden supports many of Barack Obama's previous policies.

2. Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, is often accused of being a socialist by his peers. He is a big advocate for Medicare for All and taxing rich corporations. He believes all student debt should be cancelled and wants to abolish the Electoral College.

3. Elizabeth Warren


Elizabeth Warren serves as a senator from Massachusetts who was employed as a lawyer prior to pursuing politics. She supports using federal funds to provide more housing and advocates for increased wages for teachers. Warren believes health care is a universal right and supports Senator Sanders in his fight for Medicare for All.

4. Pete Buttigieg


Pete Buttigieg is a former veteran who served in Afghanistan before becoming mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He emphasizes his connection to millennial voters as the youngest Democratic candidate. Buttigieg plans on increasing the defense budget and investing money in rural areas. If elected, he will be the first openly-gay president of the United States.

5. Amy Klobuchar


Amy Klobuchar is the first female senator ever elected from Minnesota. She believes she is most equipped to win states the Midwest and is known for highlighting the high costs of prescription drugs. Klobuchar states she would support additional funding for a wall at the border and believes the first two-years of college should be free.

6. Andrew Yang


Andrew Yang is one of the few candidates without prior political experience, but he believes his career as an entrepreneur makes him more connected to the American public. He plans on establishing universal income for all citizens and is well-known for his knowledge of technology. He argues that artificial intelligence is a threat to the working class.

7. Tom Steyer


Tom Steyer, similar to Yang, is an outsider in the political field. A hedge-fund manager and philanthropist, he previously declared that he would not run for office, but changed his mind. He is known for fighting to impeach President Trump and plans on implementing drastic changes to combat climate change.

Make sure you save the date for your state's primary caucus. Don't forget to double-check that you're registered to vote, too.

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