Yes I Want Cold Weather, No I Am Not Crazy

I love fall.

I love the slight tickle I get on the back of my neck when the chill fall air kisses me good morning. I love the crunch of the leaves and the world changing colors as I walk down the street. I love the pumpkin pie, hearty laughs around the dinner table, and don't get me started on all the great movies around Halloween.

I love winter.

I love the bitter wind that slaps me on my cheeks and instantly wakes me up when I walk outside. I love the world being covered in a soft, chilled white blanket. I love the memories made, hills to ride on, and warm hearts gathered around the fire Christmas day while the wind whips outside.

That being said, I hate the hot weather and cannot wait for it to get cold.

I hate the bugs. I hate the sticky feeling my skin accumulates as soon as I walk outside. I hate the thought of actually having to put together an outfit in the morning so I don't have a heat stroke by mid-afternoon. I hate climbing into an oven baked car before I blast the AC, I hate wearing sandals because I never get pedicures, and I hate drowning in a pool of sweat just walking to my mailbox.

You know what I hate more than hot weather? People telling me that I'm crazy for wanting snow or I'll regret wishing away the beaming sun when it's cold enough that it's unsafe to go outside. There's nothing worse than someone saying, "When you have to drive in it," or, "Trust me. When you walk outside you're going to regret ever wanting cold weather." I mean, what does summer really have to offer?

Besides summer break, which is the only good thing to come with the treacherous heat, there is no good qualities of summer. Sure, swimming may be fun, but that's why they have indoor pools. In the winter, I can bundle up and layer as much as my little heart desires. In the summer, there are only so many pieces of clothing I can take off until it is way illegal for me to go outside.

To all my people who love summer, good for you. I truly cannot see why but I don't judge you for it. For us winter lovers, we let you have your 3-4 months of heat that came straight out of hell, so in turn let us enjoy our mild frost bite and cups of cocoa.

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