It has occurred to me that some young people assume that they must hate America if they hate the President. I am well aware of differing opinions on the current leaders of our country. This does not, however, make an excuse for despising our country as a whole.

We are, whether people believe it or not, a country of freedom and opportunity. More than any of these, we are a country that is not opposed to change. I understand it may not seem that way. I know that the media can portray our country as cold, inclusive, and not too nice to our own.

To bring up comparison, we often take our freedoms for granted. We think our problems are the greatest because they are happening right in front of us. We have been given the opportunity to live in a place that believes in education, effort for equality, and the power of connectivity. Not many people are so lucky.

I want to make myself clear. I am not scolding anyone for expressing their rights through political and social movements, marches, etc. I believe that peaceful protest is a beautiful expression of our national freedoms. It is brave to make your voice heard.

What I struggle to understand is the root of hate for your own home. This place that allows you to express yourself and your opinions. Why cut it down? If you want political change, rally for it! But please, do not call for a downfall of your own country. Do not rally for the death of your own freedoms. To use a simpler expression, hate the player not the game.

There are many that have so much faith in the future of America that they have given service to it. This may be in life or in death. We are doing those people a great disservice by cutting down our national values. Everyone has something in this country they are thankful for. Next time you think of the country, think of what is here for you.

You can bet our nation is not perfect. There are flaws that have been acknowledged by the people and the government. Change is coming. So please do not tear down the house for having a broken window.