With You I Have It All: A Poem

You were with me through it all.

Even when I felt like I would fall.

Last year I felt myself slipping through the cracks,

But I didn't, because you had my back.

You're the kindest guy I have ever met.

I cherish you more than you could ever bet.

Nothing compares to your laugh, your eyes, and your smile.

With you, everything feels worthwhile.

You make me feel like I'm floating.

I can't stop gloating.

My friends are getting jealous of all the happiness I have.

But how could I not, when I have you to always make me laugh?

You inspire me to be a better person in this world, even when I feel like shit.

Because you constantly help others, even when you need a lift.

Your kindness, your charm, your wit.

All made me fall for you. Every single bit.

Baby, with you I hit the jackpot. That's why even when I'm sad, I can't stay blue.

You're my rock, my comfort, and my home, and I am so in love with you.

With you, my worries melt away. I no longer feel like I might fall.

No guy compares to you, and with you I have it all.

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