I've never been great at talking about feelings. I become a pile goo and it is awful for all parties involved. My friends could bring up a guy that I like and I will blush so hard. If you were to ask me if I liked someone, I would probably shrug it off and never tell you. Deep down, though, the feels are alive.

I've always loved writing about my "feels," but talking about them is completely different. Now, don't get your hopes up. I am not proclaiming my love for somebody in this article. Or at least, I don't think I am going to. We'll just have to see where this goes. I don't want to end up a mushy-pile of goo on you.

I don't think I'm alone in this, but have you ever met someone and been totally flustered? That's how I feel right now. Simply thinking about him sends down a path of "This is embarrassing- don't do this." Although, writing this is pretty close to my "this is embarrassing" moments. Anyways, my heart is pounding and my palms are sweating, and that's not because I forgot about my article for the week and I'm racing to finish.

It's because there's this guy who can make me laugh even when I'm not around him. He can make me smile even when we're nowhere near each other. It's only happened once before. Where I've liked a dude so much it makes me sweat. Gross, I know. I just know I have to get these feels out or else it will kill me.

If I was ever able to find a way to proclaim how I feel, I'm sure I would do it - but for now, I'm going to stick with telling you about how we met and all that came from that night.

I was with my friend and we were hanging out around town. We, being the weirdos we are, decided to go to a hotel bar. We're not as boujee as you think. Anyways, this guy was there. He was working the bar and front desk. I thought he was cute from the start. He and his coworker talked with my friend and me for four hours. Anything from hot dogs to school. I was smitten.

Now, this terrible thing called a crush has happened. I'm not good at crushes. I'm seriously not. I pretty much embarrass myself through every phase it. I surely embarrass myself from a simple conversation. I surely embarrass myself from being present or walking. And I'm promised to embarrass myself even more. All for the love.