Celebrities are viewed as the almighty, but make one mistake and the entire world is against them.

Honestly, although they live a wealthy life, it by no means they live an easy one.

They are constantly followed around. Every detail of their lives are public. They can't even go to the bathroom or have a bad wardrobe day, without the whole world knowing about it.

People always talk about them because well...they are the news. What happens to them is consistently published and talked about.

Think about every time you have had a conversation with someone about a celebrity and were judging them on things that are completely human.

One thing I truly hate, is having to listen to others talk about what happened with this celebrity who broke up with this person, another one that had an affair, and another one that cursed at the paparazzi. The only difference, is not that they are doing things that are considered mistakes, but that it is public knowledge.

It is so hard to live that down and fix your life or just your reputation after that.

They are only human.

It's so easy to put someone else down, together. Why? Misery loves company and apparently so does hate.

I don't understand why people are so concerned with the lives of others in general. More specifically, why are they obsessed with the lives of celebrities?

I mean, don't get me wrong. I LOVE and admire a handful of them, but I am not going to judge their lives and base that on what other people are discussing. They don't know them.

You can say, oh wow that one is crazy or wild. But, an hour conversation about a family tree and who did this and who did that, is just too much.

Talk about your own life.

That's all.