A really weird secret about me is that I love rom-coms. All romantic comedies have a message about love and the weird ways that love works. Sometimes everything may go as planned, and other times Murphy's law is in full effect. There really is no grey area when it comes to movies, but the grey area in real life regarding relationships and marriage is growing every day.

Marriage is becoming scary more and more with each and every divorce you hear about, break up that you see, and every time you swipe for the "perfect" match. The fear of ending up with someone who really wasn't the right match is not only embarrassing (I mean imagine all the posts you made and legal work you went through), but it is also scarring. It may not leave a physical scar, but you will forever be known as an ex-wife or husband. So now the opportunity of getting it right on the first try is gone. Marriage is meant to happen once, unfortunately, that doesn't always go that way.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to marriage. The list of worries could go on forever, but I know for sure that I don't want to get married at all (By law that is). Marriage by law is a completely useless concept to me. Binding two people's possessions, earnings, and practically their lives together make marriage look like a legal contract. Marriage to me is a love bondage between two people that have accepted that they want no one else. True love is what marriage is. It isn't a ticking time bomb waiting to blow up and ruin your life.

Seeing that my parents have been married (through a love bondage) for so long gives me hope that true marriage can still be achieved and sustained. Love is constantly in the air and in its purest form gives berth to the beauty that marriage can actually be. Those who have been married will tell you that it isn't easy, but its worth it. Those who have been divorced will tell you that it isn't for everybody (just like everything else). But you will never really know until you try for yourself.