As I start my junior year of college, I can only imagine where I will be for a full-time career in the next two years. I recently switched my major at the end of my sophomore year, so now I have to work harder so I can make sure I graduate in a total of four years. My career goal is to be a sideline reporter for a professional sports team or a sports analyst for ESPN or SportsCenter.

I had to grow up a lot faster than most people my age. My parents got divorced when I was 12-years-old which was a huge toll on my life. I immediately got a job as soon as I turned 16-years-old so I could help out my parents paying for things I needed like clothes or gas in my car. And I was planning on going to college after high school since no one in my family has before.

I am a first-generation college student and am very proud to say that about myself.

My family and I struggled financially growing up. My family was not rich by any means and still is not. Hence why I got a job as soon as I could. Every summer I work. This summer, I held two jobs while doing an unpaid internship. And during the school year, I also have two jobs as well as being a full-time student. My family helps as much as they can, but I am one that is paying for school all by myself.

I know I will be successful when I graduate. When I put my mind to something, I achieve it. I came to Milwaukee to attend school and get a job with a professional sports team so I can work my way up the ladder to land a full-time job potentially.

Two years later, here I am starting my third year at my university and planning on graduating on time. I have a part-time job with the Milwaukee Bucks and an internship with a large American sports media network.

I have worked hard to get where I am today like I stated before, I had to grow up a lot faster than most kids at 16-years-old. It may be a drag on me to have so many jobs while being a full-time student, but I know doing all this work will pay off in the future.

I have known I wanted to work in sports since my junior year of high school. I was originally going to school for sports marketing and after doing business classes for two years at my university, I realized that it wasn't for me and that I wanted to pursue in writing and the media side of sports.