Hurricane Irma Strikes The Caribbean And Florida

First came Hurricane Harvey on Texas, now we have Hurricane Irma affected people near the Florida reason. Hurricane Irma is extremely catastrophic with winds past 135 mph and sometimes ranging close to 170. It also made many landfalls. Some people I know that live in Florida needed to cancel their flight back home or are worried about flooding as a result of this hurricane. It is known to be one of the most devastating to hit Florida these past few years. In fact, at some points, it can even get past 170 or even 180 and be labeled as a Category Five hurricane. This changed from September 4th when it was a Category 4. I do hope the people of Florida stay safe during this horrid weather.

While what is happening in Florida is catastrophic, there are a few thing you may be able to do to keep yourself safe.

1. Always make sure that you have a solid food supply, canned foods and water tanks can work well for situations like this.

2. Stay away from all glass areas as debris can be extremely dangerous. The same applies for areas that have fragile materials like marble, clay pots, ceramics, etc.

3. Make sure that you have an alternative means to power. Having a spare generator can help as well as having a spare pump or water purifier if you have plumbing issues.

4. The higher upper ground you are usually the better unless you had a sealed underground shelter. You may still have time to install flood gates, but if you don't, it isn't worth the risk.

5. Make sure that you always have a backup plan for your safety and the safety of others.

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