Hurricane Dorian's Impact

Beginning last week, Hurricane Dorian began wreaking havoc in the Bahamas. Thousands of flights along the coast have been cancelled, hundreds of homes have been flooded, and prices of necessary goods have shot up since Hurricane Dorian made its first appearance.

What started out as a category 4 hurricane, has now become a category 5 as of yesterday at 8 pm, which is the most dangerous level a hurricane can reach. This means wind speeds will reach past 157 mph, power outages will last for weeks, homes will be completely destroyed, and trees and other wildlife will be uprooted. For more information concerning the categorization of hurricanes, visit the National Hurricane Center's website.

Yesterday (Monday September 1), Dorian began making its way towards Florida. Today, landfall is very possible, but is most certainly going to occur tomorrow (Wednesday September 3), along with migration toward Georgia and South Carolina. Thursday, landfall may or may not occur on the coast of South Carolina. Finally, Friday, Dorian will creep toward North Carolina. To track Hurricane Dorian on your own, visit

If you or anyone you know lives in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, or even the Bahamas, here's a checklist CNN has provided to stay safe during this deadly storm. Stay inside, have a stock of clean water ready, learn about evacuation routes in your area, and many more. To view the list for yourself, visit

Being one of the most dangerous storms since Hurricane Katrina, we must all prepare and watch out for each other. With hundreds of homes already destroyed, and the probability of hundreds more meeting the same fate, it's important to help those in need. To help, donate to the American Red Cross to send aid to those affected by Dorian.

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