How My Humbleness Is Mistaken For Ungratefulness

How My Humbleness Is Mistaken For Ungratefulness

I will always be grateful for each opportunity I have been given


“Never boast what you have, because someone always has it worse off than you”

As Christmastime rolls around, and this year is slowly ending I have taken the time to reflect on my year and the many things that have shaped me into the person I am today. Spending time in college and opening myself up to new experiences has enabled me to new opportunities and new accomplishments. Many of these accomplishments no matter how big or small, I take with great appreciation. However, some see my humble gratitude to be ungrateful.

From a very young age my parents informed me of my many blessings. Anytime in which I received something, they continuously reminded me to never boast what I have, because there was someone out there who wasn’t not able to receive such blessings as me. As a child, I took these comments to heart and throughout my life I remembered to be grateful for the things God has allowed me to have, and have never showcased them for the world to see.

This has brought about both good and bad consequences. Its attributes allow me to be much more grateful and appreciative of what I have. I always take the time to thank God for my accomplishments, and providing me with the blessings he has given me. While doing so, I always consider others; For me, it’s important to consider how important your accomplishments are and how others may not have the chance to achieve those accomplishments, due to their circumstances.

However, not informing others of my accomplishments has brought upon different reactions. Keeping my achievement in a discrete manor has led people to ask “Why are you not more excited?”

My answer would be this: I don’t tend to dwell on the excitement that comes with achieving a major event in my life. Honestly, that would be the main reason many confuse my humbleness with ungratefulness. As a person, I don’t like very much attention; but, that’s what makes me different than others. Some like to make their accomplishments known to the world. They like to make note of their achievements and give others a chance to notice their accomplishments. I do not shame them or look down upon them for doing so. However, I choose to keep many of my achievements to myself.

I appreciate my opporunities and blessings but, I receive them with as much gratitude there is in my heart and continue with my life. There’s more to an achievement besides the excitement attached to it. I take my achievements and use it for what they are worth. The achievement has more substance than simply just publicizing it for the whole world to take notice of you.

Once I have received my accomplishment, I progress. I take the accomplishment and strive for more. There’s more I can do with this achievement than just flaunt it for the whole world to take notice of me. have I can take my accomplishment and use it to the best of my ability to better myself and others.

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