Human Trafficking In South Asia
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Human Trafficking In South Asia

Human Trafficking is Still a Huge Problem


The world is developing day by day in so many different ways. Transportation is one of the main things on that list. Due in part to these developments in transportation, many countries and international organizations have introduced stricter immigration laws. Crime organizations have been able to run their sinister businesses behind the wall, and as a result, human trafficking has become the third most profitable illegal activity after illegal drugs and weapons dealing. Half of these numbers come from South Asia. Human trafficking is a complicated business whose influence leaves none untouched in South Asia, but luckily, the mending is close in sight.

Human trafficking is simply the illegal movement of people across international borders. This level of organization requires many people to move, recruit and care for all of the people they’re in “charge” of, including 36 million annual victims worldwide. Two thirds of these people are from Asia. Traffickers do not target one or two victims at a time but as many as they can fit. Sometimes human trafficking is done at the village level, with entire populations being moved over borders. Traffickers are excellent manipulators and fantasy creators in the minds of their victims. Their job is to take recruits to random destinations where they will be delivered to places where they will be executed, traded, or sold.

There are many types of human trafficking, most common being trafficking of women for sexual exploitation, based on well-organized networks that transport women illegally to different countries, where they will be forced into sexual slavery. The second main type of human trafficking is forced labor. Persons of any walk of life are made to do back breaking hard labor. Lastly, child slavery is maintained in some places for sex tourism. The popularity of Southern Asia’s tourist attractions make traffickers big money from this sinful business. There are networks among countries, one middle man from each country and they help tourists satisfy their filthy activities. A number of tourists the hot spots of prostitution in South Asia, which means it’s a publicly kept secret. The last type of human trafficking is trafficking dealing with organs. Many people willing to sell their organs, with some forced to sell their organs. According to Interpol, people deal in organs don’t even check the quality of the organ. Those organs could be from someone who has diabetes or AIDS.

Human trafficking is possible for a number of reasons, the first being poverty. South Asia has been poverty stricken for decades, making it a pin point of human trafficking. Often, those in charge of recruiting humans to smuggle are locals of whichever area they prey upon. Because of their language and traditions, other people are more prone to believe them. The second main reason is the low levels of education in South Asia. When the traffickers come to recruit from villages or cities, many recruits are uneducated in what they are getting into, falling for the fairy tales of traffickers. Lastly, teenagers running away from home provide a really good target for human traffickers because they know that teenagers can be easily manipulated.

Human trafficking touches all parts of a society. Criminal organizations grow and flourish on the back of human trafficking. There is significant money in this sinful business, leading others to get into it too. The industry is also related to other criminal activities, such as drug trafficking and weapon trading. Victims are commonly traded for drugs or weapons because they make more money out of arm deals and drugs. Trafficking causes irregular migration and government corruption. Human traffickers are willing to bribe government officers to carry out their business without any legal problems; because of this, illegal migration increases.

Organizations that fight against human trafficking have presented many solutions to combating this problem. The main priority is to educate people through organized campaigns. These organizations travel from city to city; where ever they believe target areas. Social media serves as another great source of education. Publishing through social media targets the younger generation. The exposure to human trafficking posts is good for the cause of getting rid of it. Posting articles about the experiences of victims through the internet open people up to how bad it really is.

These organizations and projects against human trafficking are effective, but not all the time. In my opinion, these solutions are not effective enough to stop the human trafficking. Before we take can those steps, government corruption must be fixed. This sinful business has been going on for decades, and it’s clear that what we’re doing isn’t enough as rates continue to increase. Government involvement with human trafficking the biggest factor in its flourishing. If not, how come human trafficking can still flourish? Once corrupt officials are removed from public power, then some real progress in stopping human trafficking may be done.

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