I see all of these articles on the internet titled, "I'm The Mom Friend And That's Okay," or "How you Know That You're the Mom Friend." Well to all of you "moms" of your friend group, congrats! I hope you enjoy feeding me saltines after a night out and knitting me sweaters. There are all of these articles out there that are justifying this motherly lifestyle and applauding these friends for being so responsible.

Those articles are great and all, but it's time for those of us that aren't the "mom friend" to get the credit that we deserve.

So. here's to us! We're the ones that will never tell you that you are dressed too inappropriately. There's a really good chance that we'll tell you that texting your ex is a great idea and we're going to ask the Uber driver what his craziest story is. No, we aren't going to ask you if you did your homework before we go out, that's weird. We're the "wait, has anyone seen my phone?" girls. We order two meals at McDonald's and fall asleep in our makeup. We're a great time! Yeah, we might not have it all together, but what's so wrong with being the typical college girl?

To all of the "mom friends" out there, we thank you. Because of you, there will always be a clean apartment, a smart and reasonable decision maker, a way home, snacks, and a shoulder to cry on.There's nothing wrong with having it all together like you do, but I'll never be you and that's okay. I have the whole rest of my life to become a mom and I don't really plan on starting anytime soon.