To The Friend Who's Definitely NOT The Mom Friend

To The Friend Who's Definitely NOT The Mom Friend

Being the mom friend is SO overrated.

I see all of these articles on the internet titled, "I'm The Mom Friend And That's Okay," or "How you Know That You're the Mom Friend." Well to all of you "moms" of your friend group, congrats! I hope you enjoy feeding me saltines after a night out and knitting me sweaters. There are all of these articles out there that are justifying this motherly lifestyle and applauding these friends for being so responsible.

Those articles are great and all, but it's time for those of us that aren't the "mom friend" to get the credit that we deserve.

So. here's to us! We're the ones that will never tell you that you are dressed too inappropriately. There's a really good chance that we'll tell you that texting your ex is a great idea and we're going to ask the Uber driver what his craziest story is. No, we aren't going to ask you if you did your homework before we go out, that's weird. We're the "wait, has anyone seen my phone?" girls. We order two meals at McDonald's and fall asleep in our makeup. We're a great time! Yeah, we might not have it all together, but what's so wrong with being the typical college girl?

To all of the "mom friends" out there, we thank you. Because of you, there will always be a clean apartment, a smart and reasonable decision maker, a way home, snacks, and a shoulder to cry on.There's nothing wrong with having it all together like you do, but I'll never be you and that's okay. I have the whole rest of my life to become a mom and I don't really plan on starting anytime soon.

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Here Are 31 Things Your Bridesmaids DON'T Want To Do

17. Be expected to make important decisions that only the bride should make

Because they love you , 9 times out of 10 they'll do anything that you ask of them. But don't expect them to be grinning from ear to ear about it.

I talked to several past, present, and future bridesmaids who informed me of the things they'd really rather NOT do.

Your bridesmaids DON'T want to:

1. Wear ugly and uncomfortable dresses

2. Spend all of their cash money on that dress they hate

3. Be in charge of doing hair

4. Be in charge of doing makeup

5. Be in charge of taking wedding pictures

6. Be forced to dance

7. Feel obligated to throw a shower especially when nobody else wants to contribute

8. Buy and wear uncomfortable shoes

9. Buy the same shoes as everyone else, especially if they cannot walk in them

10. Be expected to give an elaborate speech, especially if they're shy

11. Be forced to dance with somebody that they just don't want to dance with

12. Miss out on your dress fitting

13. Be expected to make every pre-wedding event if they truly cannot attend

14. Have to throw down more money than they have for multiple events

15. Have to pay for multiple accessories they're expected to wear

16. Learn a dance when they have two left feet and no rhythm

17. Be expected to make important decisions that only the bride should make

18. Be bossed around for the entirety of the engagement

19. Be treated like a handmaid

20. Have to babysit any children during the rehearsal/reception

21. Not getting to bring a plus one

22. Be left in the dark about what they're supposed to do for the whole engagement

23. Have no idea what to do come wedding day

24. Change anything about their appearance

25. Be expected to lose weight solely for the wedding

26. Have to buy a ridiculously expensive present

27. Have to travel long distance for multiple events before the wedding

28. Have to say yes for everything

29. Have to have the same hairstyle as everyone which may not look good

30. Feel or look bad for being broke

31. Be expected to know what you're thinking 24/7

Bottom line is that there are definitely a few things bridesmaids would be thrilled to not have to do. But because they love you, they'll do whatever it is that you ask without hesitation.

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To The Friend That's Struggling, You WILL Be Happy, I Promise

"Everyone goes through times like these that shape us into who we are in the present and who we will be in the future. "

To the friend that's struggling,

It's hard seeing you like this but I can promise you that whatever is bothering you will definitely pass with time. Patience is difficult as we envy the pain it creates which is temporary yet feels almost permanent. I know how hard it is to talk about how you feel because you don't want to express your emotions to people in fear of getting hurt. It's understandable and many people go through the same thing which is hard to even think about it.

Just try to remember that so many care about you and are ready to listen and help you with whatever you're struggling with. I understand that it feels like you're stuck but I promise that it's going to get better with time and your future is looking so bright. These moments are building you up into the strong person that we both know you are and you'll look back on this time and be so glad it happened.

Everyone goes through times like these that shape us into who we are in the present and who we will be in the future. Without the rainy days and the cloudy times, we don't grow and flourish into who we are which makes it difficult to progress in life. But, your rainy days will clear up and the sun will shine again just like I know you will. Be thankful that you're going through your rainy days because you're going to have so many happy days in the future that are going to make up for these not so great ones.

Always remember to remind yourself that so many people care about you and want you to be happy in general. These people are so important and it's so key that you are aware of them as you need to do your best to keep them by your side. Unlike this temporary feeling, your friends will be with you forever in some type of capacity. So, do your best to thank them for their presence and just listening to what you have to say in your darkest times. These friends are going to bring a little bit more light into your day which will make your transition into happiness a little less difficult.

Laugh a little bit more tomorrow, and smile all you can today because these moments that you're creating with the people around you can make such a difference. Your struggles will drive you to do your best work and create goals to accomplish in the future that you are more than capable of completing. Use this time as a positive pause in your life to figure out how you can make yourself happy as well as in the future, those around you. These struggles will introduce some of the best things in your life as you overcome the negatives just in time to see the positives coming your way.

"Some days are just bad days, that's all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness, and I remind myself that not every day is going to be a good day, that's just the way it is!"
-Dita Von Teese
Cover Image Credit: Photo by Fredo Figaredo

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