Sometimes the world just feels like it’s crashing down: work, school, tests, meetings, bills, projects, obligations, responsibilities. Over time, they can cause a heavy heart and a heavy mind.

With the same daily and weekly routines, we can get stuck in a pattern that perpetuates the weight we bear. When we discuss how stressed or tired we are, people will preach at you to find time for yourself, but then they’ll neglect to actively make it for themselves.

We can’t wait for an open day two months down the road to finally have time to visit the beach, or catch up on your favorite show, or visit the new coffee shop. Taking time to take into account your mental health will make you a happier person. All of us need that time to ask ourselves. How’s my mind? How’s my heart? Am I taking care of myself? Am I happy?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results,” Albert Einstein once said. We are all insane to think that leading the same day-to-day life will bring about change, or excitement, or new opportunities. Spicing up your life by adding in adventures or downtime, or most importantly “me time,” will make you happier. Working hard and helping others is beautiful and necessary, but those two things are just as important as the time for you to do what you want.

So paint a picture, lay in silence, write in your journal, go to a new restaurant, read a book, take some pictures, go see a new movie, go to the gym, learn to cook and buy yourself something nice -- just treat yourself. That right there is the key to keeping you sane and maintaining your mental health, and ultimately keeping you happy. It’s okay to go out there and search for happiness. And maybe you still don’t know what makes you happy, and that's all right.

It’s freeing to let yourself be happy; it’s not selfish or irresponsible. Taking 20 minutes, or an hour, or even a week, to step away from your stressors will not kill you -- everything will be there when you get back. Hopefully, there will be less to stress with your sane mind and happy heart. Be aware of your mind, heart and mental health status.

Don’t go through your day or your life hoping someone will bring you self-love, happiness, self-awareness and clarity on a silver platter. You want to be the cook, waiter and customer in this restaurant (life). Cook it up, serve it up, eat it up. Trust me, your mind and heart will thank you later because you, my friend, have finally found the key to maintaining your sanity. Treat yourself.