"So what's your major this week?" The infamous joke amongst my friends and family. For a year it seemed like I changed my life path every month. I've probably listed off just about every career and paired it with "I feel really good about this one." Tirelessly trying to convince myself that I had finally figured it out. But there was always a part of me that knew the major I was in was not going to fulfill my passions or excite me the way I wanted my career to.

I went from wanting to be a fashion merchandising major to accounting to Spanish to marketing to biology, you get the point. It was not until about two months ago that I sat back and realized that I was only really thinking about the financial opportunities these majors could bring me rather than the happiness and satisfaction they would bring. As soon as I started thinking along the lines of my passions and how I want to live my life ten years from now, I knew exactly what major was for me.

As soon as I got back from Christmas Break I declared myself as an English Literature and Psychology double major. The weight that was lifted off of my shoulders is indescribable. From there, I got accepted as a writer for an organization on campus known as Verge Campus and also for The Odyssey.

The entire first semester I struggled with trying to find extracurricular activities that I truly enjoyed. I tried Habitat for Humanity, I tried Greek life, I tried MedLife, etc. I was not truly enjoying anything that I was doing. I felt like I was just doing it to spice up my résumé. I finally feel fulfilled and like I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing. That is the feeling you need to seek out.

I further knew these were the right majors for me because I was excited about my future. The path I was on before this was medical school, and honestly, I was dreading it. I hate blood. I literally throw up when I see a pimple.

How the hell did I expect to make it through medical school? My new plan is to go to graduate from FSU and then go on to get my doctorate in literature. From there, ideally, I will become a college professor teaching literature while writing on the side, hopefully writing that is good enough to one day be published. I'd like to utilize my psychology major in my writing, I have not decided how, but I know I want to incorporate psychology. I am so beyond excited about graduate school and what my future will hold as an English and Psychology major.

To anyone that has not yet found their passion, keep searching. While money is important, you do not want to spend your entire life hating your job. Don't be that person that regrets spending your whole life working just for the money when you can be that person that spends every day doing a job they love and still making money while you do it.

If you're unsure if the major you're pursuing is right for you, I encourage you to get involved in organizations on campus that center around that field. Furthermore, when you have found the right major, you will be excited about your future, and you will feel a definite peace-of-mind. And don't worry if there are days where you doubt yourself.

I find myself in my literature class asking myself "ok how the hell did they get that from this poem, I am a terrible literature major, what am I doing?!" But then I sit back and reassure myself that I won't know everything, just like anybody else in any other major. In the end, it's all about enjoying what you're doing and having a passion for it.