“Can someone call an Uber!” Are words that are frequently heard by many college students. Whether they are getting ready to go out to a party or going to dinner, Uber has made traveling around college towns much easier. Not so long ago, college kids had to depend on local cab companies to get around to places. This didn’t just mean calling a cab in advance, but always having cash on them and the number of a reliable cab company. When Uber started developing in and around college towns, kids all over had an easier way of transportation that would make their lives much easier.

1. No one needs to bring cash around

Because Uber is set up through credit cards, there is virtually no need to bring cash with you anywhere you go. Even if you are with friends, the “split” aspect of uber makes it possible to pay with multiple cards. This eliminates the use of wallets for many people and has led to girls not even bringing bags out with them when they go out at night.

2. You don’t need to plan things in advance

You used to have to call a cab company way in advance to assure that you would have a ride. Now, with the touch of a button, you can confirm your ride within seconds and know exactly where the driver is in reference to your location. This makes going places more spontaneous and allows more flexibility.

3. You can share your status with friends so you're never alone

If there is one thing that has been drilled into the minds of many college students (especially women) it is to never go somewhere alone. We have all heard of the terrible things that happen to intoxicated people when they go into cars alone. With the “share status” feature on Uber, you are never really alone. Friends, family or anyone else can see where you are in your ride and when you arrive home. This is so important and makes transportation much more safe.

So before you call your Uber driver confused as to where they are, or are annoyed when you have to wait 7 minutes for your UberX to get you, remember how much harder college life used to be without Uber.