How to wear a kilt?

Basically,the kilt for men is a knee-length frilled dress. This type of dress is mostly demanded in the top areas including northern Scotland, etc. Basically, this is traditional dress typically prefers by Gaelic men (Northern Europe). First design of it, was introduced in 16th century as a Royal dress. In which you have to wear upper half full armed length and below belly will covered by this kilt. With the time its style keep changes little bit now in 19th century is being used as fancy and luxury dress. Do we have to wear this dress in a specific way? If you are wondering How to Wear a Kilt? Following are few tips will help you to wear kilt in a perfect and easy way.

Wrap the kilt around the waist with the help of pleats

First, you have to take long enough piece of cloth that can completely surround your body perfectly. And make sure that this piece is reaching to your knees. You have to caver waist to knees with this kilt. Avoid to tie it too tight it may create difficulty while walking.

What you have to do in the first step. Hold kilt with both hands from the top corners. Put Left corner on the left and hold that meanwhile turn the second corner around the body with the right hand. Make sure both edges of the kilt are meeting.

Tie the kilt by fastening the aprons

The belt we use to tighten the kilt normally called under the apron. Mostly, a leather strap is being used to tighten the apron around the waist perfectly. This help to hold the apron. You can adjust the belt as you wish to make sure that it does not hurt you while moving. There should be little space there about your thumb can pass through.

  • You have to tie the leather strap with help of holding buckle, normally, as you do with your belt. If you are using any other stylish leather strap, it may have its own style to tie.
  • Tie the strap is such a way that buckle appears on the front. You may start to tighten the strap from the left end or from the middle it's up to you. Here we'll recommend you from the left, as in this way it also covers your back hip.

Adjust the kilt respect to your waist

If you have tightened your apron or kilt perfectly there is no need to moving or adjusting that. But if you feel both ends of the apron is not balanced. Put your thumbs both side left and right stretch the apron out and adjust the apron and make sure that buckle is in the center.

Extras in Kilt

You can put colorful ribbons or elastic bands in a kilt to put more starts in its beauty. Moreover, you can also place any badge or any shiny symbol to your dress. Make sure that shouldn't be heavier otherwise it may disturb your dressing.

Try to wear knee socks under the kilt it'll plus in its appearance. For more, fold the upper part of the socks twice, it will provide you a thick wonderful look.

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