How to use a climbing tree stand?
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How to use a climbing tree stand?

Guide to use a climbing tree stand.

How to use a climbing tree stand?

Need perfect equipment for performing every job properly. For example, a ship for the sailor, a fishing net for the fisherman, an airplane for the captain. Like a climbing tree stand for the hunter. Especially bow hunter. Not only mere have to be a good instrument, must have sound knowledge to operate or use.

Despite having the best climbing tree stand can occur dangerous accident reasons for practical ignorance. If you become an expert hunter, you will become the best tree stand climber.

I will discuss with you in this article how to use climbing tree stand perfectly.

I would say, the first step you read using guides or manuals provided by the manufacturer. Because there are noted different usage rules for each stand. You can follow any instructions to use tree stand but tree selection is the most important matter. Exemplified, you have great climbing tree stand, you have great expertise to use but which tree limb your stand its dead trees or lean or curve. Then everything will fail.

You should be selected no excessive branches tree. Because extra branches create gambling for hunting and climbing. 20-26 inches diameter trees suitable for climbing tree stand. How do you realize quickly that which tree is the best for you? I suggest you try to compare with your shoulders. If you realize approximately the same width as your shoulders then you set up a stand and climb away. Even smaller trees also not appropriate for the hunter. Because these types of trees blow in the wind. As a result, hunting will be hampered and will be feared in an accident.

Must be followed some instructions

  • Standing part and seating platforms must be connected.
  • Two parts must be level when hunting.
  • Account for tree taper while at ground level.
  • Never attempt to adjust the climbing angle while above ground level.
  • Don't hurry while climbing. Contact with the manufacturer or any expert.

Safety issue

  • Your life depends on the tree stand and the cable when you hunting with a climbing tree stand. So, learn the best use of cables and stands.
  • Carefully check the safety harness while setting the tree stand.
  • Use a secondary rope on the harness and stand.
  • Always use a haul line to pull up hunting gear up need to go down.
  • Follow the three-point rules that means contact with the climbing stick, ladder and tree stand.
  • Your all needy gear should be put on the left side out the ground when climbing.
  • Somehow, you feel drowsy on the stand. If you sleep then miss a chance to hunt a deer or another. You will be more conscious to pick up on deer movement and sound.
  • Let your friends and family where you climb tree stand for hunting; carry on a mobile, walkie-talkie or any device for communication.

I think you have learned how to use climbing tree stand, setup procedure, tree selection, time maintain, safety issues etc. But some more important questions are asked by hunters. I am trying to discuss these questions.

How much capacity is suitable?

Generally climbing tree stands at least 300 pound weight capacities. If you want to more capacity then you can find out.

Where do you access the tree stand setup?

You can set up far away from the nearest locality. But it will not be safe to place so far where no one can find. However, it is better not to setup in unauthorized places.

How much space do you want to consume?

The tree stand occupies very little space due to foldable. If you are an occupational hunter you can make it to your desired size.

What kind of tree stand are you putting your?

Many kinds of tree stand are available in online and offline market. You can chose

What kind of trees are you putting your tree stand in?

Most climbing tree stands accommodate trees 6" to 20" in diameter, but some have a wider range than others. If you know your area is full of bigger or smaller trees, this limitation could come into play.

Also, if the trees are very close together or have lots of limbs, some of the compact models that are shaped to squeeze into tight spots work best for you.

Hopefully you have learned the use of climbing tree stand from this article. Even you also learned how to set up a tree stand. May your hunting trip be successful and safe.

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