You know that week when literally NOTHING you do goes your way? You may be hella stressed, you might have gone through a breakup, maybe a fight with your best friend, maybe your luggage got lost at the airport, or your car broke down. Was it some combination of the above and so many more and now you feel like your life is a series of unfortunate events? We have all been there… the week from heck just won’t end. How do you survive?

1.Don’t panic.

Panicking is only going to make the situation worse.

2. Scream if that what makes you feel better.

Just let it out.

3. Talk it out.

Call your best friend. Vent about all the crap that went down.

4. LOL!

You know that awkward laugh you have when you're stressed and the littlest thing can set you off into a laughing fit… well, let it out. Laugh it off.

5. Take some quality you time.

Take a bath, drink some tea, do what makes your heart happy and helps you relax. Don’t bother with the “I don’t have time” excuse. Make time. You’ll thank yourself later. Give yourself five minutes to take care of you.

6. Get some quality squad time.

Did someone say G.N.O? Girls night in works too though…

7. Let someone help you.

Asking for help is hard. But if someone offers to take something off your plate or to fix something, let them.

8.“Ce la vie!”

Sometimes, you just have to throw your hands up and move on. What can you do? That is life! Throw a little dance party, laugh it off and move on. Next week is a new week!