In today's day and age, checking your phone nearly qualifies as a hobby of its own. According to a recent study, the average person checks his or her phone about 27 times a day. Today, Americans are opting to waste away hours at a time staring at their phone screens, time that could instead be used engaging in proactive habits. Now, that's not to say anyone is immune to this. I can't tell you how many times I've turned on my phone without a reason. How often do you find yourself in that same situation? Be honest.

Technology has reached such an advanced point in its development that sometimes we abuse it instead of using it to be productive. We turn on our phones to escape unpleasant thoughts or situations. We check Facebook instead of doing the dishes or the laundry. We update our statuses every time we do something even moderately interesting, because otherwise it didn't happen, right?

Wrong. Whether you only want to cut down on checking your phone or do a full social media cleanse, this article is for you. Here's a list of things for you to do rather than using your phone.

1. Go outside for some fresh air.

2. Do chores around the house.

3. Declutter, and sell or donate things that you no longer use.

4. Plan a vacation.

5. Research a concept that interests you and learn something new.

6. Pet an animal.

7. Visit a friend or a family member.

8. Watch the sun set or rise.

9. Learn to play an instrument.

10. Draw, color, or paint.

11. Exercise.

12. Listen to your favorite song(s).

13. Make a playlist for someone as a gift.

14. Write and mail a letter to someone you love.

15. Visit a library.

16. Call a friend to talk.

17. Take a drive or a walk.

18. Go out to eat by yourself.

19. Cook a meal.

20. Hydrate.

21. Tend to personal hygiene.

22. Paint your nails.

23. Crosswords, puzzles, and sudokus.

24. Try out meditation or yoga to clear your mind.

25. Play video games designed to improve cognitive ability.

26. Watch a documentary.

27. Rearrange or redecorate a room.

28. Read a book.

29. Journal your thoughts.

30. Teach yourself to knit, sew, or crochet.

31. Volunteer for a good cause.

32. Thank a teacher who made a difference in your life.

33. Record your finances and design a strict budgeting plan.

34. Make a list of short-term and long-term priorities.

35. String jewelry of your own with a bead kit.

36. Attend a social outing solo or with friends.

37. Create a bucket list.

38. If you're religious, pray for someone. If you're not, make an effort to learn about the ideology of religion.

39. Nurture your pets or your children, because they won't be around forever.

40. Sit with your thoughts and just be. It's harder than it sounds, but it's good for you to practice being present in the moment.

After reading this article, I do hope that you find the motivation to refrain from checking your phone too frequently. Taking a break from social media can be good for the soul. Use any inspiration you found through these possibilities to go do something proactive. Now, put down your phone and hop to it!